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  1. Would not start, cold morning

    You had to pre heat the manual to 85F before placing it on the engine cover.
  2. Would not start, cold morning

    From the owner's manual:
  3. Who has the most miles on their diesel Wrangler?

    That's awesome. Do you use any fuel additives?
  4. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    Maybe I am overthinking but is it possible that the Mopar factory installed CAI be the cause of engine running hotter than normal on street driving? Could the ratio of more air to fuel causing the engine to run lean leading to higher temps? But if the air/fuel mixture is lean, would some...
  5. Is a soft top colder than a hard

    Didn't notice any temperature differences between hard and soft top. The only difference is in the wind noise which is slightly more with soft top.
  6. What Color is your Coolant Overflow Tank?

    How do you see how much coolant is there in a black/opaque overflow tank? If there is nothing to see, why are there min/max indicators?
  7. Pics: Earl vs other colors side-by-side

    Yep, more of light blue than gray.
  8. Coolant reservoir empty

    Correct. When warm, my coolant level is at max line, and a notch below the max line when cold.
  9. Coolant reservoir empty

    Yep. My new JLUR has the overflow reservoir full at the max level line.
  10. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    The Mopar CAI came with a disposable high flow Mopar filter. But I am using the standard Mopar paper filter as I live in a windy dusty city surrounded by desert and IMO that is the best filter for our Jeeps filtration-wise. Temps...
  11. Soft top window storage

    I didn't have problem with the zippers but I was ultra careful - those reviews existed when I bought it too. Before this bag, I was storing mine in microfiber bed sheets. :)
  12. Soft top window storage

    Link to the above:
  13. Soft top window storage

    This bag from Amazon is good - and reasonably priced compared to the OEM.
  14. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    I have the factory installed Mopar Cold Air Intake without the hood cut out. Can that be the cause for it running hotter than normal. The wider intake tubes providing more hot air on street driving or when idling to the engine?
  15. Now that's a nice lookin lot

    That's a great color contrast!
  16. Now that's a nice lookin lot

    It is an ideal color for Willys. Stock fenders, black top and black grille.
  17. Texas Black Premium soft top JLU $1100

    Damn, I wish we were in the same town. I am trying to convert mine to soft top and trade my hard top (also have Sunrider for hardtop). Mine is also new - bought on Oct 14 and has 950 miles on it. And is the exact same color JLUR Xtreme Recon. :)
  18. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    Ambient temperature is playing a big role. Vegas barely reached 54F high today, and my coolant remained at 195F on a lot of city driving I did today. Oil temp did not go further than 208F. Unless the dealership did something yesterday but didn't tell me about it. :)
  19. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    My guess is they probably don't know much either.
  20. New JLUR XR running abnormally hot?

    I wonder if they recalibrated 2023 models to run hotter by design?