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  1. Florida Roll Call!

    Yes sir, he does.
  2. New Toy! 2023 JLU XR

    Roger that; I totally get it. This is my first turbo vehicle, albeit I started with a 2018 Jeep JLU with 2.0T but traded shortly thereafter for my current JLUR with the same engine.
  3. New Toy! 2023 JLU XR

    Nice Jeep; congratulations!!! I find the MPGs to be interesting. I have a 2021 JLUR with 2.0T, auto, 2.5” lift, and 35x12.50 MTs, with aftermarket front steel bumper and heavy winch, stock 4.10 gearing, heavy side-step rock sliders, and I consistently get 19-20 MPGs on FL flat earth. Then again...
  4. Another reason to buy a Ford Bronco...

    Hey I loved my FJ Cruiser - that I traded in for my first Jeep JLU 🤣 By the way Devil Dog, they haven’t been discontinued by the manufacturer; they just don’t sell them in the US now.
  5. 2.5" JKS Konnect Lift with Fox 2.0 Shocks on a 2019 Sahara (Need Info)

    I recommend you get the JKS Quicker Disconnect front sway bar links, if you take your Sahara off-road. Disconnecting them is far easier and quicker than removing the standard style, and will improve off-road traction and comfort through better articulation of the front axle. I also recommend the...
  6. What A Change In Technology

    To those who object to upgrading the bulb from halogen to LED and think it will make the Jeep look “cheap,” in my opinion it’s a bad idea to select a bulb based on what others may or may not think it looks like aesthetically - unless it’s so horrible that you are creating a hazardous condition...
  7. What A Change In Technology

    I used to get flashed after one of the lifts due to improper beam adjustment, NOT after swapping the bulbs with LEDs.
  8. What A Change In Technology

    Beamtech, and Alla Lights, are extremely reputable and sold on Amazon.
  9. New Owner - Dealer Should Be Arrested For Attempted Grand Larceny!

    That’s EXACTLY how I do it, but I always still expect BS when I show up. I made a financial manager totally flip his shit on me, to the point where the GM had to reign him in. It was quite funny. NEVER buy a vehicle when you need one; buy it when you want one.
  10. What A Change In Technology

    In our Jeeps I installed the Alla Lighting LED fog light bulbs, also on Amazon. They throw a good light to the sides on the road, into the ditches, giving me faster reaction time to critters trying to throw themselves under my Jeep. Most of my driving is country roads.
  11. What A Change In Technology

    Three Jeep JLs now with the Beamtechs. We never get flashed by oncoming drivers. Furthermore, I run my LED fog lights concurrently. Also, both current Jeeps have a 2.5” lift - Sahara and Rubicon. My previous Jeep had a 3.5” lift.
  12. What A Change In Technology

    Beamtech LEDs for about $40 a pair (Amazon) are outstanding, with the same halogen beam pattern - except you can actually SEE what is in front of you.
  13. Now I can never unsee it....

    Kinda like the Winchester House of vehicles?
  14. Now I can never unsee it....

    I’ve noticed the same thing!
  15. Thoughts on eTorque and water/snow?

    @Reinen, those were exactly the thoughts going through my mind, that made me very concerned. I never linger in deep water, but even so, I’m glad I spent the money to drain the fluids. Better to be safe than sorry. I do wonder what the termination point is for the breathers; I may try to trace...
  16. Thoughts on eTorque and water/snow?

    I forded my last Jeep almost to the top of the headlights on one outing. I freaked out, not knowing how high the breather tubes went, so I spent hundreds of dollars to have the diffs and transfer case drained and refilled. Not a drop of water in any of them!
  17. Fellow Sport trim owners; what do you store in your "pleb holes?"

    Ok, I will say it, as y’all are thinking it. I will be the “bad” guy. To keep your “pleb hole” happy and comfortable, spit on it now and then.
  18. 2021 JL Sport headlights

    I’ve done the same with three Jeeps at this point, with Beamtech. Works perfectly, for about $40.
  19. Thoughts on eTorque and water/snow?

    My first JLU had eTorque, and I forded deep water with it a lot. I never had a single problem with it.