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  1. Hurricane Creek info please

    Is it best to go in off of I-40 at the Harmon Den sign and the at the split run it up towards Max Patch and back out to I-40 through Harmon Den? Would you happen to have any detailed directions on how you just ran it?
  2. Hurricane Creek info please

    We're taking a trip to Gatlingburg for Halloween weekend and would like to go hit Hurricane Creek while we're nearby. Can anyone provide me with detailed information on making the loop from I-40 back to I-40? Also are there any other similar trails in the Smoky Mountain area we may want to do...
  3. MOPAR lift and tires

    I have the Mopar lift and just switched to the BFG KO2 37's. They're a little shorter than most other 37's and felt it was a good compromise between the 35 and 37. It's basically a 36'' and only 6 ply C rated. I am amazed at how much better this thing rides with the 6 ply tires. I'm on the stock...
  4. Sunshades

    I have the Jtopsusa and it's been great. My only real complaint is finding grab handles that fit well with it.
  5. Went to 37's and now have a bad wobble?

    Every part of the front suspension is tight. I have driven it about 90 miles since the rebalance and so far it's fine.
  6. Went to 37's and now have a bad wobble?

    I had the tires rebalanced at a reputable shop this morning and it seems to have solved my issues so far. The previous shop that balanced them tried to tell me all of the tires were bad and it took from 13-18 ounces to balance them. Today at the new shop 4 out of 5 of them balanced from 2 ounces...
  7. Went to 37's and now have a bad wobble?

    The previous tires were 325/50 measuring 34.25 tall. The new BFG's are measuring right at 35.75. I do have a Clayton track bar I forgot to mention, and a Fox through shaft steering stabilizer. The wobble started instantly after installing the new wheels and tires so I fully agree with @limeade...
  8. Went to 37's and now have a bad wobble?

    I converted the wifes mall crawler over to my daily driver last week and now have a terrible wobble between 40-45 mph. I took off the 22x12 wheels and put on a set of KMC Machete beadlocks 17x9 with 37x12.50 BFG KO2 tires. My Jeep is a 2021 Rubicon with the Mopar lift and Clayton adjustable...
  9. Converting the mall crawler

    Tires and wheels are mounted. Hopefully I can find a shop to balance them tomorrow. Can’t wait to see this thing converted over.
  10. Converting the mall crawler

    Yes, 22x12 with -44 offset.
  11. Converting the mall crawler

    They only come in a -38 offset.
  12. Converting the mall crawler

    Well the wife has had her time in the Wrangler over the past year and now it's my turn. I ordered the mall crawler delete kit today :) KMC Machete Beadlocks 17x9 BFG KO2 37x12.50 I can't wait to see this thing converted!
  13. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    My alignment appointment is next week. My current numbers are based off of a digital level. Sounds like I made a costly mistake and it's too late now. I will set the LCA to 24.25 tonight and see how it drives this weekend. It drove fine with the Mopar LCA but I was thinking I could make it even...
  14. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    The Mopar arms were 24.25 so if that's the case I made a bad purchase. I read as much as I could prior to doing this but I should have actually asked someone that knows.
  15. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    Not sure what you mean by 4.25?
  16. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    Yes had the Mopar arms on initially while I was waiting for the Claytons to arrive. I drove it for about a week before changing to the Clayton LCA.
  17. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    Yes, I just installed a Clayton adjustable track bar today.
  18. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    I had the Mopar LCA and they're 24.25'' but it seemed to drive slightly better with them which is why I suspect that maybe I have the new ones too long.
  19. My Caster numbers, advice please.

    Yes that's where I got zero but not sure how accurate my level is. I also checked it with my Iphone and would get zero or -1 depending on how I held it.