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  1. Impossible to go into 4lo, 6 speed, trick not in manual -- PROTIP: try doing it with foot firmly on the brake

    This is good info. First time I used 4L it popped right back out. Mine still pretty notchy
  2. How well does the hill start assist work?

    Turned mine off immediately, never used it. I had read some reports about people experiencing delayed takeoff and stalling due to it being on. The 6mt is a bit slow on the get go when you first start to break it in. It gets better with time though
  3. Start/Stop opinion?

    I’ve got a 6mt and the ss works great in that format. Never gets in the way
  4. Unsolicited compliments on Jeep

    This is the first vehicle I’ve owned that gets random compliments with some frequency. Jeeps just have a presence I suppose
  5. Question for those with a soft top

    I installed a sunrider a few weeks ago and love it. Use it every day, it’s almost the best of both worlds. I suppose it depends on how often you wanna get naked
  6. New JLR - Impressions and Issues after the first week of ownership

    Could you please add more pics of your rock sliders? Their website is rather lacking in detailed pics, imo. I’ve been looking at LOD Destroyers, but these look nice and are half the price. Is any additional drilling required for installation? Do they protect/hide the pinch seem? Do they act as a...
  7. Squeaky clutch pedal?

    My 6 speed is just under 4k miles and it makes all kinds of noises, including periodic squeaks. Probably have them check it when I bring it in for its first service
  8. Tallish dudes: How do you set your seat?

    I’ve got a 6-speed Rubicon. Have the seat pulled close enough to leave a little bend in the knee for the clutch. Seat back at a slight decline. Lumbar jacked all the way out. It might be one of the most comfortable seat I’ve had. Can’t recall having lower back pain when getting out
  9. Windshield fogging up

    They make vent plugs to help with guiding the air flow better.
  10. SunRider top - can’t get rear clamp to fit into place

    I just installed my sunrider a few days ago. The rear clamp, that bolts the sunrider to the hard top, took a little force and wiggling to go on. It was much easier the second time I clamped it. Obviously, make sure the rest of the hardware is properly secured and flush with the mounting points...
  11. The clutch gang!

    Question for the clutch gang: When releasing the clutch pedal it comes off the floor easy for about the first inch, then it forcefully slaps my foot past what feels like the bottom of the pedal travel upward. I’ve looked under there to see if the spring is misaligned, but I don’t see anything...
  12. Clutch pedal has two locations because…

    Just noticed that you replied! 🤣 I checked mine out and, from what I can tell, it appears to be okay. I only see the one large spring with two interlocking retainers that hold it in place. The lower(white) retainer cams on a plastic rod. I found this diagram it doesn’t show any additional...
  13. Rough Country Heavy Duty Rock Sliders; Has anyone tried them?

    As the title states. Looking to replace my rubi sliders with some that also function as steps for the little ones. Like the look
  14. Question: How many of you wonderful Jeepers drove their Jeep home from the dealership?

    It just so happened the dealer was a straight shot down rt41 from me. Most of 41 is ~55mph and is suspiciously empty most of the time. Made for a pleasant drive. You could try to use google maps and tik the options for no highway. It might give you something close
  15. Question: How many of you wonderful Jeepers drove their Jeep home from the dealership?

    I drove mine from TN to IN, about a 9 hour drive. Took the scenic route going ~55 the entire way. Freedom panels off most of the ride. Sun burn and all, it was worth the drive
  16. Those of you with the Mopar Steel bumper

    I took my end caps off the first time I took it off-roading. Good thing too, otherwise I definitely would’ve gotten stuck on some the obstacles. Besides, it already has a flag post hole on the passenger side. Flags are necessary for the park I was at. I put the bolts back in and never bothered...
  17. The clutch gang!

    Is that little hole on your center console meant for cable management!? I have to check my rubi now to see if I have it🤣🤣🤣
  18. Auto start stop failure + manual transmission???

    Wait. . .we have more than 4 gears on these!?
  19. Hopefully not a forum member... Jeep Driver Gets Misdemeanor After Trying to Hit a Cyclist Twice

    Not justifying any behavior; But cyclists can be absolutely [email protected] awful @ssholes on the road. Especially around here. It’s almost like they’re intentionally screwing with people. In groups they spread out all over the roads and block traffic. Absolutely loathe them