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  1. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    Picked up the Jeep from Exodus today - I have a very short window to get the 500 mile break-in on the new gears before taking it on our next trip. Initial thoughts: WOW - is this thing a beast! Probably 5 1/2" of new height at the driver's seat. I knew it was going to be bigger, but HFS...
  2. Possible to add off-road camera?

    This is what we need! Yeah it’s difficult, but here’s how to do it. Thank you Terrymo
  3. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    Yes, I put 35’s on in the 1st 150 miles. I don’t think you’d have a problem with 33s on either of those trails. But I’ll save you some dough - go ahead and upgrade to 37s or 38s as soon as you can - 37s can be done without a lift, I think.
  4. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    4-Low, sway bar disconnected, and we were told to lock front & back just in case, but we didn't need them at all on this obstacle... it doesn’t hurt to be safe. As you might have heard my wife say in the video, this was only our 2nd trail - I'd recommend going up and down the steepest obstacles...
  5. Possible to add off-road camera?

    4) all of the above And I still want one. I have been up many steep inclines where I can't tell if the trail turns, or if going straight would send me off a cliff. I'm not going to stop on an incline & get out, etc. if I have a button that shows me... I’d like to hear from someone who added it.
  6. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    not quite done with the build - but a couple of progress pics to get me excited!!
  7. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    No they said I was too late 🤨. But, glad I got a discount anyway. No biggie - technically I was a day late, and I had planned to buy one at full pop - still a win!
  8. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Emailed - thank you for the heads up!
  9. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    I missed that deal - but just picked one up for $699 + shipping.
  10. Consensus on black Rubicon hood decal

    Well I hope the AZ market heats up again soon… We are heading out your way this Christmas, visiting my daughter - actually staying in usery mountain regional park campground. Bringing the jeep of course! Looking forward to seeing the old ‘hood and all the new growth. Any good trails you...
  11. Consensus on black Rubicon hood decal

    That’s an awesome rig - and service pit! What part of Mesa are you in? We built a house just north of Ellsworth & McDowell on county island back in 03 (usery pass road). We moved away in 2012
  12. 2022 "Purgatory" Build Progress

    I need to know more about this!!
  13. Consensus on black Rubicon hood decal

    I voted that women will flock to your jeep - but is that a Prevost in your pic? no need for hood decals to get women to flock to that ride!
  14. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    That's a fact! We met those guys at the top of Hell's Gate - they are the reason we tried it in the 1st place... They told us it was no big deal, and that we HAD to go up it. I think we could have gone up blindfolded and just followed Dave's spotting (the spotter giving us radio instruction)...
  15. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    Final cut pro on the Hell's Gate video - had to go to youtube a lot to figure out how to do the side-by-side thing...
  16. Hail damage experiences? Texas?

    Welcome to the neighborhood! We are a few miles East of Boerne. I've seen quite a few MAJOR hailstorms in the SA area, but never been in one. I'd just get a low deductible on your comprehensive insurance, and don't worry about it - big one's are more rare than think. The PDR process is...
  17. Let's see your favorite trail photos!

    X-Treme, how's the weather in May?
  18. It's The Beginning of A New Adventure!!! 2023 Willys Sport 2-Door Build Journal

    I love named jeeps…. What other vehicles often have names on them?? It’s always interesting and makes me more curious as to the name’s origin. Name you jeeps - it’s part of the build!
  19. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    And here's why I'm removing the flat tow bar... Many clanks just like this one!