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  1. Now I can never unsee it....

    It gets worse! The 99 km/h and Shift 6 have curved tails while the 6 degree C, 9 above "Current" and "Range 56 km" have straight tails. Two different fonts. 🙂 How is that for OCD?
  2. Looking for recommendations for fold up Ebike rack

    I have and use the 1 Up USA double Super Duty with fat tire spacer kit for three plus years. IMO it is the best built bike rack for my needs. NO PLASTIC. I had to put an 8” Curt hitch extension to clear the rear spare. I exclusively fat tire (4.5”) mountain bike year around and it is very...
  3. New Member Here

    Nice Willys. Very similar to mine (except e-torque and color). I’ve been very happy with mine and very impressed with the Willys package. Enjoy!
  4. Has anyone posted this underhood Easter egg before?

    After reading this thread I went out to clean my Freedom hardtop on my 2022 2 door Willys and found the paperclips on the visors underneath and I noticed that there are SEVEN ribs molded into the hardtop (this is a stretch). Sorry if this has been discussed previously but Chocolate Thunder...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Before Volant CAI install. After Volant CAI install. Ordered 6/6/2022 and received 8/29/2022. Just installed on my 2022 Willys 3.6, 8 speed with 2K miles. Easy and clean installation. Donaldson PowerCore dry filter, with service good for 100K miles or four years. No better filtration and...
  6. Willys OEM Spring Info Help?

    I am new to owning a Jeep Wrangler. In May I purchased a 2022 Willys 2 door, 3.6L, 8 speed. It is equipped with the tow package, hard top, and has the Firestone Destination MT2 (32 inch) tires and Rubicon shocks. It would slightly sag in the rear when loaded or when I had my 2-bike rack on...
  7. Sprayed oil based wood stain all over jeep…..

    I would use mineral spirits. It is a safe degreaser and will dissolve oil base paints when used before they dry. It should not hurt the windows or top. It is a cheap and effective solvent. Wash with soap and water after the oil stain has been removed. Be sure to reapply a wax or sealant...
  8. Garage door spring reminder

    All that energy released and no damage. You must be living good. Lol!
  9. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    When you can't go anywhere without your best friend. Sadie. " I'm only 5 months old".
  10. Bilstein 5100

    I have used them on a 2014 Sierra, 2018 Silverado, and 2011 Yukon. They are great shocks for the price, being firm, controlled ride but not harsh. All were stock height. I will consider when it is time to replace shocks on my 2022 Jeep Willys.
  11. Green Jeep w/Tan Top: What Color Bartact Seat Covers?

    I have a 2022 Willys 2 door Sarge Green with black hardtop. I was wanting to put seat covers on for extra protection. I was looking at the Carhartt tan covers but also looking for options. I thought the tan/coyote color would be a nice contrast over all the black. IMO they would be cooler...
  12. Green Jeep w/Tan Top: What Color Bartact Seat Covers?

    Have Bartact send you some material samples in the colors you are considering.
  13. Have I bought the wrong size lug nuts?

    They look better then the oem.
  14. Anyone know what this is?

    I know the suspense was killing me. Lol!
  15. Cold Air intake. Hay or Nay?

    This is a GM Powercore OEM air filter from a C6 Corvette Z06 made by Donaldson. All C6 corvettes had this style of OEM filters. They were designed as a CAI from the factory. So yes, sport cars come with a CAI. The service interval is 100K miles. Donaldson makes industrial filters...
  16. Cold Air intake. Hay or Nay?

    I have used Volant, which is identical to the Corsa, but cheaper. They are both manufactured by parent company, TMG Performance Products. To some they might sound cool, they might give you better torque or performance, but I like the fact that they have one of the best filter options, a...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed an Air Lift 1000 Kit 60829 on my 2022 Willys 2 door. Now when I'm towing, have the bike rack with bikes, or load inside I can adjust rear ride and height. Fairly easy to install. Decided to put the single fill on the receiver hitch. I have used Firestone Ride Rite, in the past, on...
  18. High clearance trailer hitch?

    Another thing to consider is if you are using your hitch receiver for a bike rack, it needs to be extended out to get clearance past the spare tire. I just purchased a Curt 8” extension (45791). It will also help with short, tongued trailers with close in trailer jacks. It can be quickly...
  19. DIY Oil Change and Dealer Records

    You can enter your own maintenance records in “My Jeep” or “My Mopar” app.