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  1. Best all terrain tires for on road handling?

    Love my Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my '20 JLU EcoDiesel, & Power Wagon. They are more aggressive than KO2s, but quiet, & made in USA. The sidewall lugs are two shapes, aggressive, & not so aggressive. Discount Tire uses the Road Force Balancer., the Best.
  2. Death Wobble - Brand new 2022 Sahara @ 500 miles

    Nobody has mentioned wheel balance. Have driven quite a few 0 mile trucks, GMs, with wheel balance problems. Had the problem with my "20 JLU Eco Diesel recently. Stick on weights had come off. Discount Tire has the Road Force Balancer, the best. Bought / mounted my Nittos there, free rebalance /...
  3. Price increase 9/28

    That happened after I ordered my '18 JL. Bilt the same order on to verify. Jeep did go up $500.
  4. Rear glass up?

    I don't; think it would be hard on the gas struts. Also, i would think your fumes would lap in.
  5. Tinted windows- yay or nay?

    Ordered my JL with no tint. I had installed 20% Mirror, except for front door glasses. Used 3" strip across top of windshield. All this reflects light, & heat. Dark tint absorbs light, & heat. This gets you hot glass, & infrared to the interior.
  6. Engine break-in plans? Who's got 'em?

    Old Timer (77) Suggestion for first 1,000 Miles: No WOT (Wide Open Throttle) & no steady RPM for long periods. After that, no WOT 'til operating temperature is reached. Same is suggested for all engines.
  7. Potential new gun owner: what is recommended revolver calibre for a newbie?

    S&W 460 is the best Big Revolver. . You can shoot .45 Colt, .454 Casul, & S&W .460. For Concealed Carry, I like an S&W 342, ,38+P, 12 ounces, concealed hammer. Next up is a S&W 340 Scandium, .357 Magnum, 12 ounces, concealed hammer. They don't make the scandium anymore. Look for the atom symbol...
  8. 2022 392 Stripper?

    You get a 3.73 with a diesel Sport. Rubicon 4.56 comes in a package.
  9. 2022 392 Stripper?

    I love my JLUSD! I would have not sold my paid for '18 JLUS if I even had to bump up to the "S" model. Being a Bottom Feeder, I'm not into those "Packages" You want to pay for half of the package: & don't want the rest even if they gave it to you. "S" models bump it up $3,000, & don't want any...
  10. Jump Ship or What?

    You won't get a better deal than CarMax. I've dealt with them for years. They will buy any car. The ones they keep on there lot are one owners. The rest go to there auction, Mondays. They have always quoted me $1,000 over KBB, individual to individual. Sometimes, I've sold my vehicles to friends...
  11. Foolish salesperson

    Don't know which Sin City you live in; there are many. I'd go to Did a sample search within 250 miles of Oklahoma (Sin) City & came up with 32 JLURDs. I love my JLUSD! Sales persons like to call these "entry level" to make you feel cheap. Best of Luck!
  12. Why do some Rubicons stand taller than others? (Stock, no lift)

    You are correct Sir. Thank you for pin pointing this. I was thinking more in round numbers to my JLU Diesel Sport 3.73 diffs, additional weight of Rubicon over a Sport etc. The factory steel wheels/tires are the lightest of any. My Fuel 17s & 265 / 70s are quite a bit heavier than the factory's...
  13. Why do some Rubicons stand taller than others? (Stock, no lift)

    Taller tires are another "lift". Rubicons use taller tires which negates the 4.11 diffs.
  14. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    Yeah, try the EcoDiesel JT. I have a '20 JLU, & a '14 Grand Cherokee, both diesels. With proper tongue weight on both, you don't notice you are towing anything. Try a downscale {inexpensive} from Rubicon EcoDiesel JT. My'20 is an "entry level" Sport; love it!
  15. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Read somewhere that FCA cut the torque back on the Jeep EcoDiesel to 442 lb. ft. because those Dana 44s could not handle the Ram EcoDiesel's 495 lb. ft. I love my EcoDiesel Sport, crank windows. That's Open Defiance of the Electronic Age.
  16. Unsure of where to start negotiating with my dealer

    If your trade-in is a one owner; take it to CarMax for appraisal. However, they will buy anything; & auction it to local dealers.