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  1. 37s stock JLR wheels 2.5" lift, must I do it all at once?

    Looking for smart people input that know about this stuff. I've priced out everything I need to do to run 37s "properly" and we're talking over $8000. Will I cause myself more trouble than it's worth to go little by little? It appears you can put a 37x12.5 on the stock Rubicon rim, people on...
  2. Rubicon sway bar disconnect leaking?

    Hello, I had the electronic sway bar disconnect and sway bar replaced in my '22 JLUR. Others who have a JL with the electronic disconnect, does yours look dented and leaking? Dented and leaking: Leaking
  3. Are these "issues/problems" or normal?

    I've got a '22 JLUR with the 2.0. The dealer says all these are normal: 1) Performance limited Service Fuel System - I've looked around and found this seems to be an issue that Jeep doesn't know how to fix. Dealer is telling me this is "normal" 2) Steering wheel crooked. Jeep tracks straight...