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  1. Florida Sold: SOLD - NIB - Teraflex Spare Tire Carrier - JL Alpha

    Hey guys, Unused, unopened Teraflex tire carrier. No longer needed and looking for a good home. $250 pickup near Jax, FL or $300 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking, JC
  2. Florida Sold: SOLD NIB - Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement - $500 unused

    Hey guys, this has been sitting in the box since I bought it. I don't need it now and it's looking for a good home. I'm in Jax Florida, local pickup ideal, but willing to ship. $450 pickup, $500 shipped. Best, JC
  3. Aux vs manufacturer toggle

    For cowl lights... what do you guys think.. wire it to aux or use the KC switch?
  4. Where are the upgraded brake kits?

    For real... Where are they? The MOPAR kit is just the Rubicon kit which I already have. Are you guys not feeling the loss of stopping power with the bigger tires?
  5. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    Some great banter and pure jackassery. RIPMoabIJustDontUnderstandThread
  6. JL (2DR) Sold: SOLD Rubicon Take offs - KO2s - $1100

    5 BF Goodrich KO2s 2800 easy miles Wheels are flawless No TPMS or lugs. Will ship to CONUS. You pay shipping. Local pickup preferred. Located in North Florida. Party, Venmo, Cash, Cash App, etc
  7. Florida Sold: SOLDRubicon Suspension - $200 - 4 Door

    3100 miles - 2018 JLU suspension Local pickup $125 - I'm in North Florida Shipped CONUS $200 PayPal, Cash App, Apple pay, venmo, Cash money
  8. Regear and Tazer

    Hey guys dropped the Jeep off today for a regear. The other day I had to disconnect the battery for an unrelated mod. On the way to the shop I noticed my speedo was incorrect and thus Tazer no longer in effect. Now the shop, who has no experience with the Tazer is now going to reinstall the...
  9. Florida Sold: Tufskinz inserts - $10 shipped in Conus

    these are new. They still have the stickers on the back. Basically they're free with shipping. I'll ship within a week. Don't busy my balls over a $10, basically free item. Lol
  10. Florida Sold: Stainess Mopar - Door Sill Protectors

    Brand New, never opened. Will ship anywhere in CONUS within 48 hours. Normally $130. Will ship for $85. Located in North Florida
  11. Upgrading brakes

    Lots of posts about upgrading near everything else, but nothing on brakes... Seems like with these monster wheel and tire combos there should be some big brake options. Mopar's are standard Rubi brakes. What do you guys think.. Are Rubi's fine or am I missing other good options?
  12. Fair install pricing?

    2k to install full steer smarts kit, lift with control arms and the parts and labor for new Dana gears. What do you guys think...?
  13. Steer Smarts tie rod, draglinks, front track bar

    Anybody do this yet? I have the full setup it on the way. No steering issues with the Jeep, I just like it sharp.
  14. Rugged Ridge tube doors are out.

    May be old news...
  15. Rig vs build vs you added an antenna

    This is my first Jeep so I’m wondering when I should start calling it a “rig”... I’m pretty sure it’s currently a “build” as I it seems you only have to add some lights (or have them added) and an antenna for that. Hopefully one of you gents can help clarify. :jk::angel:
  16. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    I know I know... Jeeps aren't meant for speed, but I like to push the gas. I'm also positive I'm not the only one. That said LS3 vs Hemi what do you guys think? :punch: :jk:
  17. Price aside - Mopar tailgate reinforcement

    Hey guys, just wondering what your thoughts are on the Mopar tailgate reinforcement bracket. I know it's overpriced for what it is, but I like the OEM look. I haven't read anything negative about it regarding its quality, only the price until a vendor recently told me his rattles and pops...
  18. It's officially official.

    I'm an addict. I've lurked here for months admiring all your builds and getting to know the lay of the land (aka reading thousands of pages of the forum). I bought my JL in August and it's my first jeep. Though I've loved my jeep since I drove it off the lot and when I'm not driving it I'm...