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  1. Gear box leaking advice

    2021 Jeep has 24k miles and was working on a fender chop kit when I noticed the oil around the steering gear box. Any thoughts on if this is reason for concern? thanks
  2. Advice: off-oading 3.5" lift with stock driveshaft?

    Currently running a spacer lift and KM3 37. My Metal Cloack 3.5 inch game changer lift is showing up tomorrow. I opted to not get the driveshaft but did get the rocksport shocks. I looking for those who have had experience off-roading this lift or similar on the stock drive shaft. I’ve had...
  3. 37 on stock hinge?

    I ordered the Rustys tire carrier with no eta on when it’ll come in…I am going on a trip and looking to temporarily mount the spare on the stock tailgate for a weekend. Can probably get by without opening the tailgate the entire time it’s installed. Have vision nemesis wheel with 37 km3. Little...
  4. Kansas $899 - 2021 Rubicon takeoffs KC

    Price $899 Located in Kansas City. OEM JL Rubicon wheels, tires and TPMS. Came off my 2021 jeep. 32 inch tires with 5-127 bolt pattern. They had approximately 11,xxx when I took them off. Was about to do a 5 tire rotation before removing. These tires have been off-road so they are not perfect...
  5. Did I destroy my winch line?

    New to winching. On a recent trip I used my synthetic winch for the first time to pull myself and others out. I prestretch my rope when I first got it onto my winch. I am inspecting the line now and visually seeing a combination of changes to the rope. Here are some pictures. Are these signs I...
  6. Mopar true beadlock setup - HELP!

    Does anyone know if 37x12.5x17 KM3 would fit on the Mopar beadlock wheels (run as a true beadlock)? I have seen some other posts that suggest the KM3 lip may be too thick for the beadlock ring. Found a used set but trying to figure out if the KM3 would work. Here were the other posts i found...
  7. Anyone wheeling Hot Springs July 3-4

    Anyone going to be in hot springs July 3rd or 4th? Going to wheel one day and do the badge of honor trails. Currently a stock JLUR with a winch. Hoping I can tag along with a group.
  8. Help find towing mirrors

    Looking for some generic towing mirrors that would fit a JL. Hoping I can find some universal ones in town and not mess with unpredictability shipping times. Need them in 6 days. Towing a 12ft travel trailer.
  9. Kansas Sold: WTB JLU Premium Soft Top

    As the title says looking to purchase a JLU premium soft top. Open to driving if reasonable distance from Kansas City.
  10. Any VIN sticker on the hardtop?

    Does anyone know if a vin sticker can be found anywhere on a hardtop?