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  1. J2534 Programmers/AutoAuth

    Has anyone looked into using a J2534 programmer and the AutoAuth website to access and perform flash updates to the ECU's? Seems like an expensive way to go but I'm interested to hear if anyone has found an inexpensive way to use this option? Thanks.
  2. Mopar grille guard with integrated light bar for rubicon steel bumper

    I saw this grille guard with integrated light bar in a Mopar Jeep accessories catalog. The part # listed is not valid for the part and I can find no reference to the accessory anywhere even on this site? Does anyone know if this accessory is available and if so what is the real part number...
  3. Add the OE Amp to 7" non-premium stereo

    I know most folks go for adding an after-market amp to their stereos, but i'd like to go another direction. I have a 2019 Wrangler with the 7" non-premium stereo.I'd like to simply buy and add the Mopar OE amp for the premium stereo and add it to mine. Can this be done? Is the wiring for the amp...