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  1. Too Funny... Jeep driver waves at our Bronco

    Heck I wave at almost everyone it depends on where your from or current live. What does waving cost me maybe burn a few extra calories. :like: Funny how in my XJ or MJ driver's of CJ's, TJ's and JK's wouldn't wave. Then in my LJ the same B.S. and I've been "told" it's not a "real" Jeep...
  2. What is this?!

    The same question went around on JT side earlier, supposedly for crash and or roll over.
  3. Desert Storm (Military) Themed JLUR

    :like: Well late to this one, you could even go with woodland camo. Sadly many of us was wearing BDU's during Desert Shield, Desert Storm. As a Desert Storm Vet and multiple following trips 3 as Inf. 2 sadly not. Desert Storm. Packing a M60 around for some stuff is handy but an AK-47 works...
  4. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    To add to that the jack is to just get tire off and back on. Not to lift up more than that, but probably many of us have done that. Jack stands are your friends then. Every time I see someone who is under or next to a vehicle on "just a jack" causes me stress... must be I've seen to many...
  5. Cheap jack pad for stock scissor jack.

    The same thing I was about to post. As of jack pads my go to if low tech.....
  6. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    I've seen quite a few collapse due to improper mfg. metal failures, rivet failures. I do agree on slipping off of bottle jacks. :like:
  7. Anyone have this happen to their scissor jack?

    P.O.S. Scissor jack(s) I've had many failures with them being used for what they supposedly made for. Sadly I've "responded as a LEO" to a few of the failures too. I've had a few failures on one's used as stabilizers on T.T. In my military time I've seen the Hummer one's fail to, military...
  8. Should I Regear?

    Without reading all though this thread is if you are thinking you need to re-gear... you need to, it's needed. IMHO.... Not a "Wrangler" but in my experience. My XJ was 3:55 stock when I upgraded tires to 33s I re-geared to 4:56 that dropped it right back to "stock" performance of sorts...
  9. Anybody want the Sting-Grey half doors that came with my Green Jeep?

    I'm surprised that the doors was for your Jeep and the others had not been swapped among 3 or 4 or more aka a black, white and red one. :LOL:
  10. Element Fire Extinguisher location and mounting.

    Slow to address mountings and method for fire ext. For my traditional fire extinguisher I got "Kool Guy" brackets and mounted on roll bars with heat shrink on hose clamp in back of my JT. Not "sexy" but solid and effective. IMHO: Zip tie's don't like heat /cold or U.V. The E50 I have just laying...
  11. How do I fix this driver seat stitching?

    Possibly a drop of super glue at ends of threads at seat. Stuffing the loose thread in would be good to do too. Wear is going to happen if you drive it. I've sat out stitching up the edge of my LJ driver's seat a few times. That seat is threadbare on edge from many many miles w my ass in it...
  12. Legality of beadlocks

    Now this is a apples to bananas comparison: I drove my XJ all over from S.E. GA., FL. to IL. for years, then I was throughly reading GA vehicle code to find out my XJ was way out of code and never stopped for it. Now some officers I do know might give you grief but are mainly more...
  13. Travel Trailer options for 2-door

    I've had a few drive up in my driveway and try to buy mine. It's the 16 ft. right now it is a sellers market on the fiberglass T.T. especially if you have a 13ft size. The 13 ft Scamp w bathroom normally is 1300-1500 dry weight mine is under 3k dry.
  14. Vibration when coming to a complete stop and when accelerating from stop

    OK. Hit up a good dealership near you then take service person for short ride.
  15. Bye-Bye 🙁

    Stay safe I've spent some time there myself. 91, 98, 03 then short stop in 08. Watch out for the others on the roads, even more than here. Grab up a map or two and see if Area 51 is still there. It was not far off from Kuwait City marked on the signs as that in Arabic and English.
  16. Vibration when coming to a complete stop and when accelerating from stop

    New to you or brand new? Could be wheel / tire balance, mud or lost tire weight. Or same with driveshafts. Maybe loose brake caliper bolt even. That's a quick off top of the head things to check especially with out knowing new or used. OEM rims n tires? Could be a bent or warped rim too.
  17. Travel Trailer options for 2-door

    I towed a Scamp 16ft with my LJ, but I did used weight distribution hitch to help deal with swaying. The main problem I had was being buzzed by large SUV's and or high winds. Towing and stopping no problem trailer brakes. Not a off road / trail camper. The 13in tires is the weakness on my Scamp...
  18. Gobi now up on all trims on configurator

    I'm particularly fond of the Gobi color myself. But if I was getting another Jeep I might have to go with another color. FYI: Gobi looks different colors depending on lighting. It was my first choice when I got my JT, Gator was my second choice.:like:
  19. Aluminum knuckle failure

    "Back in the day" when I priced one for front of my XJ it was in the 3k range totally built to order. :facepalm: I should have bought 2 But I could find a solid D44 out of Ford with drivers side drop for $800 and up the correct width. Then the JK's came along n stuff went crazy.
  20. Aluminum knuckle failure

    It's called a plug weld, normally welding a steel tube in a cast part don't hold up and makes the tube (bend) or cast parts weaker. Plus can couse the cast parts to become brittle. "Not directed at you" just clarification on the type or name of welding. Now there was 2 different JL's to...