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  1. Kansas 1984 Scrambler 4.2L

    Listing my 1984 Scrambler for sale. It’s the 4.2L 6 cylinder (changed after mistakenly typing “V6” I hope I can appease the amount of distress I may have cause(lol)) and the stock transmission. Just bought my first house so I think I need to let this one go. Asking 22k for it.
  2. Kansas 1979 CJ7 project 5k

    Looking to sell my project CJ7 from 1979. I have a bikini top and soft doors with it. Runs and drives but I don’t have the time to finish it anymore.
  3. Kansas 1984 Scrambler 304

    I have my 1984 Jeep Scrambler with the 304 V8. I’ve had it listed on the gateway classic cars but would sell it privately for less. Asking 35k
  4. Oracle Heated New Sensor - where to mount?

    Where am I supposed to mount the new exteneral temp sensor for the lights at? I have no clue where a good place is where they won’t get dirty.
  5. To keep or not to keep

    Hello all, I purchased my first jeep off the lot in 2020 a 2.0T 4 door base. I have driven 50k miles on it, and my crankcase is full of fuel. I believe that i have a piston issue or cylinder problem, though it could be something related to the fuel pressure sensor. When i remove my oil filler...
  6. 2.0T P253F Oil degradation/Extreme Spark Knock

    Just changed the oil in my 2.0T no E-torque and it sounded super load right after. I have about 50k on my 2020 and ive heard it be loud on a cold start but nothing to this length. This is a very metal on metal rattling sound that goes away when i increase the throttle and the oil pressure goes...
  7. Kansas Factor 55 1.0” NIB Fairlead $70

    I picked this fairlead up from another forum member a while back as NIB. I never got around to installing it. Willing to ship on buyers expense. Here is the link to the page. Open to trades of any kind.
  8. School Me On Off-Grid Power Solutions

    Hello All! I am about to start the process of designing and building a off road camper to pull behind my jeep. Ideally I will be traveling with my wife, and our puppy. I know little to nothing about power solutions, but have been doing some reading on, solar, heating, power boxes and power...
  9. Cargo Area Body Rippling

    On 3/2/22 my jeep was struck by my city’s road crews 2017 Ford F550. here is the post of the accident. I have not had much time lately to get it checked out but with things dying down for now...
  10. Kansas WTB Black Painted OEM Rubicon fender flares

    I am not in need of the light as I already have one. I was involved in an accident where to driver “didnt see me” and I’m looking for a new fender, figure while i was at it, I’d see if i can get some paint matched ones. I would trade but I’m missing one, i have the textured black.
  11. Kansas WTB Rhino Rack Backbone Or Exposed Racks

    Looking to purchase the mounting system Or the exposed racks. I am trying to get set up for owning an RTT I am willing to cover the costs of shipping or would be willing to travel a reasonable way.
  12. Show Me Your Voswitch Setup

    Looking at getting an 8 bank switch bank, and am considering Voswitch as my main choice. Their price is competitive and I am a big fan of the mounting options. Are the switches under the window switch hole easy to access, was the setup easy and straightforward? Any issues or recommendations?
  13. “Control” my fate

    I am currently in a battle to pick some control Arms. I am sitting on the dynatrac lift but eventually plan to go higher. There is a facebook listing for the teraflex alpine short arms for 965 shipped with 8k miles on them And thats for all 8 arms, which i know i dont need all 8. my other...
  14. Kansas WTB Warn Mid height Grill guard Or grill guard alike.

    I have an order placed with warn since November and am still waiting on my bar to get shipped. I keep seeing other offerings but really like the height They offer. Willing to meet for a fair price. If you have any photos of your guard set up I’d be interested to see. I really want to be able to...
  15. 2.0T P2C90 Mishimoto Catch Can Error Code

    I have been running the 2.0T intake for over 10k miles and recently added the catch can i bought from a forum member. It came in perfect condition showing no signs of being used. I installed it and have had no issues. Today i was out driving and it threw a code while i was in the parking lot...
  16. Oracle Oculus Bi-LED headlamps Chipped Lens

    Just got my headlamps today in the mail. Super excited about them as ive heard great reviews of their product and took full advantage of the group buy on the heated option. Upon arrival, i checked over everything as I do when receiving all parts. Everything looked great expect for one concern...
  17. Squeaky Brake Pedal

    ever since I did my lift on my JLU sport ive had a weird vibration I can feel through my brake pedal. Notice it mostly in 4th gear (automatic trans) but occasionally in 6th all around 40-50mph. Pulled into the garage last night and im getting a squeak. I would imagine it’s coming from the boot...
  18. Drilling Hardtop for Platform

    Ive been looking at getting an RTT set up for my JLU but I dont think i have it in me to drill through my hardtop. Is anyone having long term issues after drilling? Cracking? Are there any systems that allow for an RTT but dont require drilling. Thanks in advance
  19. Spare Tire Carrier / Reinforcement recommendations?

    I am in need of a tire carrier, or reinforcement for my new setup. The weight i am thinking is around 108 pounds and is definitely putting strain on the rear hinges. I was looking at CavFab but i have no interest in relocating my license plate to the tire. Any suggestions?
  20. Kansas Steersmarts Yeti XD Trackbar Reinforcement Frame Side $80

    I picked this up from another forum member that used it before I bought it. I never actually installed it and have since ordered the Sector Shaft Brace from Steersmarts. When I got it, the longer track bar bolt was missing so I reached out to Andrew over at Steersmarts and go the specs of the...