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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Man, I feel bad for you and others with dealers like this. I was complaining about my quoted 3-4 day job taking 3 weeks but my dealer didn’t play any games with me. They put me in a brand new (literally 30 miles on it) Ram 1500 and didn’t attempt to collect a dollar from me for having it 3...
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Oh man, the dust! That’s the only complaint about my repair. They “cleaned it” but their definition and mine are not the same. I spent about 2 hours this afternoon cleaning the dust out of the interior. On another note, I’ve had my Jeep back 5 days now and have had time to look it over...
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I got my Jeep back today, 3 weeks to the day. From what I’ve seen so far they did a good job and addressed all the spots we discussed. Hopefully the issue doesn’t return anytime soon!
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I should’ve known it wouldn’t be 3-4 days. 16 days today and no eta when they’ll have it done. What’s most frustrating is I wait all summer for this early fall weather and I’m stuck with a Ram 1500. It’s nice putting miles on someone else’s vehicle but none of those miles have been fun!
  5. Police Jeep

    My hometown had some in the 90’s used mainly for parking enforcement purposes. I also recall our SRO showing up in one occasionally. Within the last decade I’ve seen some JKU’s relegated to parking ticket duty but I haven’t seen any in recent years.
  6. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I dropped it off Monday and they expected I would have my Jeep back today. Called around the time I was leaving work and it is still in line to get in the paint shop. Mid next week estimate now. I sure hope it looks okay after this. All passenger door hinges are being replaced and two doors...
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Mine is at the dealer body shop right now getting the door hinges and two doors repaired. Supposed to be done Thursday or Friday. I sure hope it looks good afterwards.
  8. Keep Stock Tire Size?

    I thought I would follow up as it’s been almost two weeks since I had the 255/75R17 KO2’s installed. They are a great looking tire and I’ve noticed very minimal change in ride with these. Less road noise than my old tires which is great. The transmission seems to shift into 7 quicker and...
  9. Dealer Speedo Calibration

    I went with BFG 255/75/17 KO2’s. I’ve only had them a week but so far I couldn’t be happier with them.
  10. Dealer Speedo Calibration

    I recently went from 31.5’s to 32.1’s and the speedometer, as compared to gps, was about 1 mph off with my stock tires and spot on with the new ones. Edit: I have JScan but hadn’t hooked it up to change the tire size yet. I just did and found my Sport is already set to 32” tires. I don’t think...
  11. Funny thing i noticed about the Jeep wave ....

    I thinking this is great because a couple times I’ve waved at a trailered Jeep and in each instance I initiated the wave just after the driver in the truck would see - it was from me to the Jeep. Another it was top row last slot on a vehicle hauler. Gave it a wave as we passed and my wife said...
  12. Keep Stock Tire Size?

    Thanks for the suggestion! I decided on the 255 as suggested by @azwjowner. They seem like the perfect mini upgrade over my factory tires.
  13. Keep Stock Tire Size?

    As much as they look awesome, I’m way too happy with my Jeep as is to make such a big jump.
  14. Keep Stock Tire Size?

    This was the size I was overlooking, thanks! I ordered them in this size.
  15. Keep Stock Tire Size?

    My Jeep drives as perfect as I could ask on road and does what I need from it off road. Because of that, I’ve always been hesitant to lift it and throw larger tires on. New tires have been on my radar for fall but on our last road trip I was gifted a nail in a tire, so I’m currently running...
  16. Included fuel with new jeep purchase

    11 years ago I bought a Toyota. I didn’t think much about the fuel level as every vehicle I bought before it had a full tank. The dealer was about 30 miles from my house and about 5 minutes from home the gas light turned on. Nothing like filling your new vehicle up on your maiden voyage! I still...
  17. Heated steering wheel, how hot?

    Not to derail this thread, but yes, the clips they use or how they attach are terrible! Currently my drivers side clip is dangling and needs reattached. I went all winter without a working defrost.
  18. Heated steering wheel, how hot?

    My JLU is the first vehicle I’ve owned with a heated steering wheel and honestly I wouldn’t of gotten it if it wasn’t part of the cold weather package. Oh my has my tune changed. I look forward to hitting that button some days! As far as how mine behaves, it warms up all around the steering...
  19. Let's see your JLU Sport S

    I have a Sport S! Very minimal mods. It’s my daily driver and put over 25k/year on the odometer so I’ve been cautious to put on a lift and big tires. At almost 70k, doubtful I’ll do anything major at this point. She has from the factory: Granite Crystal Wheels Technology group Cold weather...
  20. Best offdoor mirrors / pics

    I have the Doubletake Enduro Mirrors with the long arms. The RAM mounts look fine and they don’t whistle or move around while highway driving. The Enduro’s are a bit small though and I wish I went with the larger mirror they offer.