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  1. Just Cause it's Tuesday

    I am partial to the '97
  2. My neighbor's Bronco is like looking at my Wrangler in a mirror

    Ford took so many design features of the Wrangler (minus the ISS) every time I look at it I notice more and more Jeep than Ford......thoughts?
  3. AEV 5100 pees (leaked) on my Garage Floor

    Ugh - I've never lost a Damper after only 2000 miles and leisurely trail rides - the little things that are such a pain - here we go to warranty hell - UPDATE - No hell - AEV warranty service outstanding - new shock received and installed it the other day - back to normal now..
  4. Spring Seats misaligned on Rear Axle

    So first it was the rear passenger side spring rubbing against the frame - so reinstalled rear springs (switching sides) and now the spring is rubbing the mounting plate - everything is installed correctly and torqued correctly - phone call to AEV, Teraflex and Rock Krawler this morning pretty...
  5. AEV Raises Prices at Least 10%

    Most if not all prices increased 10 % or more across the board - some companies like Quadratec have not reflected the price increase yet - shop around if you're interested -
  6. Mopar Light Mounting Bracket & KC Security Nut - Bad Combo

    Just went out to install the KC Security Nuts and it's a no-fit condition. The Security Nut diameter is too large and interferes with the Bracket - Just an FYI -
  7. One Aux Switch Left - Ummm??

    What do I use it for - Aux 1 is up for grabs - Aux 2 has Winch Solenoid, Aux 3 Pillar lights and Aux 4 Grille lights. Compressor on dedicated switch, Brawlee on dedicated switch.....there's gotta be something out there...
  8. Installed WARN Power Interrupt Kit - A few notes

    For peace of mind, I decided to install this. I read up on other installs, decided not to go direct to battery, and got some good ideas. First what do you get for $80-$100 depending on where you purchase it – you get this: I used my Aux Switch (simple hookup to Aux2) so didn’t use the switch...
  9. Rear Cargo Area Integration Completed

    Finally finished (ok probably not) the rear cargo area and I am completely satisfied. ARB storage drawer/roller top and side floors - Rear Mounted Power Accessory Panel - American Adventure Labs Tub mount with ARB twin compressor, Redarc 1225, Odyssey PC1100 - Renology 700W inverter - AAL Remote...
  10. California The Jeep Survey - Reflect how you feel

    I've always wondered why individuals buy from dealerships they have no support for. Reading some of these threads is like watching the movie Fargo - "you need the undercoating" - first tell Jeep exactly how you feel - I always laugh when the sales person says - and rate us all 10's...I only will...
  11. Installing Accessory Power Cord to Dash Rail

    I know this has quite a few posts, but until you actually do it - a few things I noticed. Make thru hole with radio out to avoid plastic ribs – and make hole with awl first then just twist the drill with your hand – the plastic is very thin and easy to work with. Use a vacuum to clean up plastic...
  12. Why are those pockets empty?

    why is it that Jeep does not fill in the 3 pockets towards the rear of the hardtop? Finally got to me so big thanks to Hotheads for seeing the obvious -
  13. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    My goal was a simple on-off push button switch which looked like an OEM install. So made small cutout in plastic cover using a Dremel tool, routed thru existing wire route with a wire loom cover that matched. Then routed over and down to washer hookup and used the disconnect that comes with the...
  14. MXT275 Radio Base Unit - and a few other things

    Installing the radio base behind glovebox and utilizing the AUx switch wiring for power - If you have this set-up, where did you stash it and what did you use to secure it? Pics most appreciated. I didn't like the plain screw provided by Rugged (why do they provide plain hardware) so here is the...
  15. How many miles did you go until cracked windshield

    Took me all of 1647 miles - I even saw the rock flying towards and BANG!!!
  16. California Sold: Mopar Headliner Empty Pockets - Thanks Hothead

    why is it that Jeep does not fill in the 3 pockets towards the rear of the hardtop? Finally got to me so big thanks to Hotheads for seeing the obvious -
  17. AAL ARB Mount & Remote Kit Install - not a walk in the park but DONE!

    The Installation of the AAL’s ARB Dual Comp. Mount bracket and Remote Kit is a major undertaking. The longest, most tedious effort was spent on reconfiguring all of the electrical harnesses, figuring out the wiring schematic for current and future components and then the installation. Layout...
  18. California Sold: $100 - JL Spare Tire Mounts - Mopar Relocation Bracket

    Take it all for $100 - Mopar Relocation Bracket - Center Light Relocation Bracket - Spare Mounting Bracket - Third Light Bracket I want it all to go and you can part it out - Local Pick-Up only - San Jose