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  1. Gas pump shutting off

    There is a valve that lets air out of the tank as you fill it with gas. If it gets stuck closed, the air tries to come out the filler neck. That usually causes the pump to shut off much like if the tank was full. Also, if the gas is coming out too fast and its angled in the neck a certian way...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My visor stops just below where the windshield goes completely vertical. I had the same concern since there is no AS1 line and the glass is so small. So I had my tinter stop there. To me, its perfect. I do not have to duck and it helps block some of the low sun. If you need me to take a picture...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Had the front windshield re-tinted 70% with a 5% visor.
  4. Not liking the loss in mileage.

    If you actually have to buy another set of tires, youll spend more swapping out than the extra gas I would figure. If they would just let you swap, then get the lighter 35s. The BFG KO2s are 64lbs in 315/70/17. Between the lighter tire and the lighter wheel you have on it already it should...
  5. Easter Egg on Replacement Windshield

    Wish my installer could have gotten the GG to replace mine with. Now I just have the standard OEM glass lol.
  6. Jeep falls on truck after rolling off interstate in Pensacola

    Only in FL can you have a guy stealing water for 16 years and only get fined $500 for doing it. Can we all get in on that deal? ROFL.
  7. Jeep falls on truck after rolling off interstate in Pensacola

    LOL I read about this when they first posted. I drive I-110 every day back and forth to work. That definitely is no small drop. I am shocked anyone survived. There is a couple of spots in the far left lane when you switch to it, the Jeep will pull a lot to the left. I wonder if that is what...
  8. Gorilla Glass update

    FL law for FL ins companies. I dont think it covers outside of FL insurance companies. As for # of replacements, I cannot find anything stating how many. Hope its not just one a year as these windshields are the most expensive I have ever seen. Had one replaced on a Tahoe, Camaro and a Silverado...
  9. Gorilla Glass update

    I have gotten better about the bugs and such since getting the Jeep. It used to always be clean. Now only when it looks like a million bugs have hit it do I clean it. Granted, thats about 3 times a week since I have to commute to work and back every day and the Jeep is a bug magnet. The crack...
  10. Gorilla Glass update

    Luckily in FL it’s $0 to replace.
  11. Gorilla Glass update

    I couldnt do it. It would drive me nuts.
  12. Gorilla Glass update

    Mine was 2mo old when it got hit by a rock and cracked 12". I am not seeing how GG is amazingly better so far. The company doing mine couldnt get the GG so I have a standard MOPAR one now.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Windshield replaced and appointment to re-tint set for Friday. Almost back to normal lol. He pretty much removed the windshield like I would an emblem. Only difference is Id use fishing line and he used what almost looked like a garrote. LOL
  14. Thinking of Changing Colors

    I was thinking of changing some coloring on my Jeep. What do you guys think if I changed the hinge covers and wheel rings to a light green like in the link below? Yay or nay? Or I could just leave it...
  15. Is this Normal for the door handles?

    Was looking at my son-in-law's VW mini van this afternoon. It has the same style of handles our Jeeps do and it reacts the same way. I do not believe there is anything wrong with any of them. Its by design.
  16. Is this Normal for the door handles?

    Mine do it as well. looking at the way the assembly moves when opening, it looks like it was made to be that way. Definitely would be odd to have all four doors on multiple vehicles react the exact same way. What would be the odds of that many being incorrect in the exact same way?
  17. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    The wife and I both have the XR package and daily drive them. These are the first SFA vehicles we have ever owned or driven and we love them. They are a bit different when cruising down the interstate at 75+ MPH and take a bit more input but its all good. My wife has driven nothing but minivans...
  18. You might be a Jeeper if...

    This thread is absolutely hilarious. They should give us a button to like an entire thread instead of per post :D
  19. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Jeep brothers and sisters. Hope today is amazing for you all.