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  1. Warn Winch Install Issues

    I don't think it's a winch issue but rather getting the 8 studs on the steel bumper to pass through the chassis holes deep enough to get the nuts started. it's a royal effing pain in the ass. I don't think the rubber mallet is enough. I poured sweat trying to slam my thighs into the bumper all...
  2. Tailgate is bowed from factory?

    Now I have to check mine!
  3. Warn Winch Install Issues

    I just did this over the weekend. You need help lining up the studs to the chassis holes. (Buddy or wife on one side and you on the other) When you do that you need to almost body slam yourself into the bumper which should be enough to get the studs to pass through the holes. You only need a...
  4. Aux Switch Decals/Labels - What would you want?

    That example that you have above, is that pretty much a kit set or do we have to pick one, two or four labels? I could use the Aux 1 button as a "Warn Winch" and the Aux 4 button as a "Front Lights", or heck, I'll take all if "the price is right"! Thank you!
  5. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    I think it's a cash grab by the state to stop anyone they deem has modified their vehicle. Total bullshit to me. One of the reasons we left NYC 23 years ago. That and the fact that NY was a "May issue" state.
  6. Top-5 Accessories / Minor Modifications - Your List?

    I installed an eject button today. Keeps most passengers quiet.
  7. Towing with the 4xe

    Whether a 4xe or gas, all JL's have a 3500lb limit. You might be best to ask the dealer as well but as others have said, it's nice to have a little "headroom" weight wise rather than being at the edge. Maybe your trailer is less than 3k? did you have it weighed with all you use in it?
  8. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    Final beauty pic. I sprung for a nicer looking hook. (Cosmetic purposes really) Surprised that all the fanbase on Warn and a winch priced over $1000 is actually made in this country whereas the nearly $1300 I spent on everything was made in China. I went with Warn products primarily since all of...
  9. Whistling from the steering column?

    Mine has a sound in the cab which is more akin to a vacuum suction that fluctuates as you turn the wheel. Hands off and it goes silent. Must be their new fangled steering contabulation retractive assist. I do have a wind leak somewhere on the passenger side. Can't put my finger on it. Maybe some...
  10. Dash Cam - Witnessed Icy Bridge Crash

    Crazy. You just never know. Here I was thinking the roads didn't look too bad. They were lucky you were there.
  11. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    Honestly, she's freaking awesome and loves Diehard movies along with any action adventure. She pestered me to see Top Gun when it first came out. She's a diehard fan of James Bond movies. At home, she likes her chick flicks and overall doesn't really bother me. So when I get bored, yes, it...
  12. Hooke OffRoad - no response from customer svc

    Isn’t everything on Amazon Chinese goods? Whenever I put in a specific google search, I get a link to Amazon for said product only to find it’s a Chinese clone. Ticks me off. They push alot of junk. Not saying the OP bought junk, but it’s typical of them not communicating
  13. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    Yeah, but in reality highly doubtful someone will drive it into a wall at full speed. It’s designed to protect the occupant. That said, there will be injuries to left leg and possibly a brain bleed from G-forces. When I drive it, it always sees speeds of high 70’s to mid 80’s. I feel safe in it...
  14. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    I have to say that some guys are a tough bunch. I had someone post a pic of one of my birds sitting on a gorilla (meme was supposed to be me since I said “I installed black gorilla nuts”. At the end of the day it’s all fun and games. Glad you hung in there. Bottom line is don’t sweat the small...
  15. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    Thanks! We bought an older house on a little over an acre. It didn't have a garage so when I built one I went big. Not really huge by some of the ones I have seen here. Works for us. 32 x 36 I wanted space to walk around and then some when I had a crew cab with 8' bed Ram 2500 with the cabinets...
  16. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    Although it looks like it has a slight rake to it, I measured from the ground to the flares at each corner and it sits at 41" all around. I guess it's good. I'll check again once the baseplate and tow hooks are on.
  17. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    That is my wife's car. if it crapped out, she will buy another. Nothing will pry that away from her. She loves it. Her commute is 15 miles all straight highway point A to B. Surprisingly it is actually quite safe. It has some mods on it for my driving pleasure :)
  18. Wiring a new winch

    The best thing here is for the OP to show the dealer's work order. This would explain quite a bit as ChevyMitchell mentioned.
  19. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    (Just kidding!) Gotta find some humor in this for those of you that get it. Anyway, I was going to let a shop install the winch since they had to install a baseplate for my towing needs. Since it was raining all day yesterday and my wife constantly asking me to sit with her and watch some...
  20. Loss of Power from Engine

    Looks like a beautiful day you had! I concur with the snow packing in the wheels causing out of balance. See how it performs once all that is cleared/melted from the wheels.