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  1. Stellantis Prepares US Dealerships for EV / Electric Future. Goal: 50% of US Sales to be BEV by End of Decade

    I get that many folks in here are locked into a fantasy of what used to be, so little learning is done regarding social issues. Maybe just try to think a tiny bit about how we're all literally a community and that we can work for a greater good. Plant trees knowing you won't see the shade........
  2. Can you add the premium softtop to Jeep with Sky one touch?

    It can be done, but its not designed to come off and on as easy as the other tops. So it will be a much larger adventure/undertaking than other tops.
  3. bronze wheel options

    Looks great!
  4. Washington Teraflex HD tire carrier kit - $900 - Local pick up in the Seattle area

    Dang, just scooped this up on Black Friday! There's a decent amount of jeeps up here, glws!
  5. Black Gorilla Lug Nuts

    flashin the bird and showin nuts. this forum is going down hill. hahahhaah
  6. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Northridge def got some $$$'s from me. Happily!
  7. Iowa New in box white half doors - Rubicon 392 - $4500

    DAMN. So far away. I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat if you were closer to the PNW. GLWS!
  8. Clayton Performance Packages

    In to hear about this. I am looking hard at their 1.5 premium lift as the perfect fit for our mall cruiser that sees one to two trails a year.
  9. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    You know I did! Carrier and fogs are coming my way. Thanks!
  10. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Well, I already got the teraflex tire carrier and mount kit in the cart.....
  11. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    Definitely grabbing some SS3 max's for snow season, in amber. I still need a tire carrier and rear lock box, so havent decided on those yet. There was a thought I might get into the Clayton lift kits too, but dont know how much debt I want to put on right now, hahaha.
  12. BRP factory Alpine Sub adapter

    Legit response from a vendor. Love that!
  13. Hothead Headliners - Black Friday 2022 SALE!

    If you have a SOT top, you NEED this. I can't promote this enough. Sound levels, comfort, the material quality its all so damn worth it. I paid full price, and would do again in a heartbeat.
  14. Severe False Alert Sensor Warnings while in reverse after adding an aftermarket tire/wheel to the existing or an aftermarket spare tire tailgate mount

    I put on new wheels that now show in the rearview camera, and guess what, it beeps. So the wheel/tire definitely affect the back up "sensing" done by the camera. You can state they aren't connected all you want, but literally the only variable changed was an image in the camera.
  15. Black Friday 2022 / Cyber Monday 2022

    Appreciate the consolidation. Def have my eye on a few things
  16. Jeep Wave

    I've done it in my 03 Tacoma a few times accidentally. Up here though I've always got the wave back but a very confused face. hahaha
  17. how do you deal with rear camera with Mopar Beadlock or aftermarket wheels.

    I have a deeper dish wheel, so the lip is seen in the camera and sets off the sensor. Is there a way to remap it with Jscan?