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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    The dealer adjusted the tailgate on Thursday and it is probably better than when I bought it new. On Friday they callled and said Jeep authorized the additional hunger work BUT DID NOT AUTHORIZE the windshield frame. They gave me a number at Jeep to call. Has anyone had luck with the...
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    It took about 3 weeks for FCA to approve mine
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Feb 2019 Debating what to do. I wanted to keep this and order a Tesla. But now may sell this and use towards the Tesla I am sure I have another trip or two back and forth to dealer to fix the final pieces. I have a trip to Boston for a couple days and won’t bring it.
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    On my second attempt to pick up my Jeep’s from dealer: - they missed a couple spots. I find it difficult to see these on white. - found a small one forming on base of windshield frame in center. - tailgate was misaligned. As I drove it, it got worse. - tailgate keyless entry does not work and...
  5. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Some thoughts on the class action suit. It seems Jeep is now repairing all damage. In my case I received new hinges, bolts, and had the doors repainted. In this case, I would think the warranty is doing what a warranty should do. My concerns are what happens next. Has this diminished the...
  6. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Went to pick mine up yesterday due to holiday getaway traffic a 30 minute ride turned in one and half hours. After a thorough inspection I liked the work but they didn’t touch up paint the torx bolts on the hinges and It had bare metal showing from installation. Mad I had to leave it and waste...
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I drop mine on Monday at the dealer. they are repainting all doors and tailgate and replacing hinges. wonder if there is a way to keep it off carfax.
  8. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I bought from suresky in goshen ny. I took it to them. About 6 months ago I had an oil changed at Ramsey and they don’t have nor do they work with a body shop.
  9. New Jersey Jlu premium soft top

    Still available? Where in Nj? This is for 4 door?
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Took my 19 JLUR to dealer Where I purchased it yesterday. Took photos of 4 doors and tailgate. Almost every hinge has the issue and the bottom of the passenger door also has the issue. They said they have been doing a bunch of these and should here back from Jeep within a week. The typical...
  11. Gorilla glass???

    In 3 years I have been lucky to only replace one windshield on my JLUR. I have zero comprehensive which means it costs me nothing. I’ll stay with regular glass and hope for best.
  12. Alpine Audio standard on 2022 JLUR?

    Thanks. I saw that one but want clear is was alpine.
  13. Alpine Audio standard on 2022 JLUR?

    After adding 8.4” u connect to build, I would expect it to say Alpine Audio. I see no mention of it. Other threads allude it is standard. Am I missing something?>
  14. Upgrading from 2019 JLUR to 2022 JLUR Hardtop swap

    I should ask the other not so obvious questions/answer. IF I keep my premium soft-top and buy the hardtop new, will the 2019 premium soft-top work on the 2022?
  15. Upgrading from 2019 JLUR to 2022 JLUR Hardtop swap

    OUCH! Glad I asked. the obvious is not always so obvious.
  16. Thoughts on Hinge-gate reinforcement

    Great looking Jeep @Desert Raptor everyone - thanks for the input. I'll bypass this option
  17. Upgrading from 2019 JLUR to 2022 JLUR Hardtop swap

    I am in the process of buying a new 2022 JLUR. The difference in the new purchase price and my trade in value means I am getting a new JLUR, 0 miles, new warranty for basically $10k. Kind of hard to pass that up. I will move my aftermarket wheels, rock sliders, and tailgate relocation to my...
  18. Thoughts on Hinge-gate reinforcement

    Thanks Jay! Plus i like the white hinges over black
  19. Thoughts on Hinge-gate reinforcement

    I’m close to selling my 2019 JLUR with 20” wheels and 35” tires and ordering a 22 JLUR. That extra weight never seemed to matter on the tailgate. I see an option for Hinge-gate reinforcement. Is it worth it? Have I just been lucky on the 2019?
  20. Best wiper blades?

    I'm taking mine for oil change this week and was going to have them put new Mopar ones on. Mine are almost 3 years old and still ok. Question.. I never liked switching out the entire blade since the new one never seemed to ride as flat on the window. having said that, you can't get much...