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  1. Maximus tow loop clevis

    Can anyone let me know what clevis will work on the Maximus tow loop?
  2. Loose steering on the 4xe

    Has anyone had issues with the steering being loose or wandering like the initial JLs? I had a 2019 that I got rid of due to the terrible steering that Jeep could not fix.
  3. 4xe dog mode?

    Does the 4xe have a climate setting to keep the interior warm or cool without the vehicle running similar to Tesla?
  4. Would anyone be willing to share an affiliate code they don't need?

    I am about to place an order an my company does not qualify.
  5. North Carolina Auxbeam leds for JL Wrangler - headlights, foglights and turn signals - $40

    I used these for about 4 months and they worked perfect with no flickering on my 2019. The tabs on the foglights cracked, but still fit, seal and hold no problem. $40 picked up in the Charlotte area or will ship at your expense.
  6. North Carolina Sold: Roam frame mounted rock slides for JLU - $300

    Never been off road. A few scuffs here and there, but nothing major. Pick up in the Charlotte area.
  7. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    This is not the infamous windshield noise. It is only when the top is all the way down and starts at 30 mph. No issues when up, in sun rider or safari. It sounds like its coming from high up and in the rear. Anyone else experience this or know how to stop it?
  8. For those of you who leased in December would you share your the money factor you received?

    Ideally through Chrysler Capital and tier 1 credit on a 2019. The residual is great on the Wrangler, but interest rates always seem through the roof.
  9. light up the side of the road

    Any recommendations for lighting that will extend towards the sides better? I would like better visibility of deer/animals etc off the side of the road. Requirements are they will not blind other drivers and will not add additional wind noise. I was thinking a curved lightbar on the front...
  10. Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s?

    Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s? Can any of you lucky new owners chime in? The steering was so loose on the first 2018 I test drove it was a top motivator to wait for the 19s.