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  1. Advice for my friend in regards to his first Wrangler

    Hey, hows it going? Long story short, buddies gonna do what I didn't, and get a Wrangler, 4dr really. Problem is, have to edumacate him on certain things, like most of them are cloth seats and he's better off going custom vs factory, so he doesn't overlook things. He's a preppy guy who's used...
  2. Ladies, what did you drive before your Wrangler?

    Long story short, sister sent me a listing for a Saturn Sky earlier, and while I think it's awesome, also remember the lease on her RDX Turbo is up this summer (July I think), and think that if we don't go dutch on a cheap little vert, then next best thing for her would be a Wrangler. Don't...
  3. My books finally out! "Sage"

    Now, I'm just waiting to see what the dmg from this weekend is before I myself throw in, but as I said above, wanna help the Chief and his wife out by doing whatever I can, including asking you guys if you wouldn't mind chipping in. Thanks in advance Rogue
  4. Help the animals at the Popcorn Park Zoo out I'm going to contribute myself in a couple of minutes once I play with transfer some funds around, but these poor animals need our help
  5. Go old skool or go new with a Wrangler?

    Originally, I was thinking I'd just get myself an older Jeep, like a Y/TJ or a JK, since I'd have around $10-15k between selling the Audi and using some savings, get it one and done. But now, even though it's been awhile and I'm not sure on the status of the Manuals, thinking I could also get a...
  6. Tell me about Dallas

    Sister and her Husband are moving there in July, he's going to be a Surgeon Besides teasing them that they'll need a Truck, not sure what else I can share with them, hence I turn to the experts. Thanks in advance
  7. Talk me out of selling my Audi

    Long story short, my friends looking for cars and me helping them look leads me to new car lust, and as far as the Audi's concerned, all that's left is upgraded diffs, big turbo and some aesthetics 107k miles, mechanically solid, just need to fix the front end and exhaust wise, would be cheaper...
  8. Performance Mods you'd love to see for the 2.0t

    Now, unless I missed it, I searched through all 12 pages and didn't see this thread started, so figured why not start it. The unofficial wishlist thread, post upgrades you'd love to see made for the 2.0t
  9. NYC Parking Garages

    Any issues with them besides they might ruin where you had your seat? Another strike to the Rebel was it sat too high for most garages, so wondering how JL's of all sizes and doors manage, as I work in the city and sometimes, it's an necessary evil
  10. Comic Con '19

    Should of taken more pics, but damn, had a great time Went with my cousin, and of course, I'm cosplaying (no one, even you guys, can guess who) Gotta love Weebfest
  11. The travel thread: from insiders secrets to fun ideas

    Figured let's make a dedicated thread to traveling, as there's 50 states, big cities and hidden treasures that we might miss otherwise. Be it someplace the locals go, or places you've been to or seen during your own trips, share em here!
  12. What's more feasible, swapping in a 2.0t in a manual or manual in a 2.0t?

    Figured it hasn't been asked, and it's essentially all OEM with some level of plug and play. Obviously, it's generally easier to take a manual vehicle and put in a new engine, but could the reverse be done, or just stick with swapping out the 3.6 for the 2.0?
  13. Computerless SUV's?

    Long story short, the boss asked me to find him an SUV that if emp's or solar flare where to occur, it'd be able to up and go If he were into trucks or cars, be easier, but gotta work with what I'm giving, thus I turn to the experts here for their Sage wisdom Thanks in advance
  14. Car meet tomorrow in Manalapan, NJ

  15. College isn't worth it

    Piggybacking off my comment on this thread: (#42), if you're not going for STEM, Law or Education, you're just wasting your time...
  16. Wait, it's not Halloween yet

    So why all the Christmas stuff already?? Share pics or tell your horror stories of the early push
  17. Misguided beliefs you find annoying

    We all have our pet peeves, some of them include misguided beliefs people have about driving and safety. I'll start the thread with 2: 4wd is awd and AWD/4WD or bust in the winter (exception: states that ACTUALLY deal with tons of snow) My family assumes my truck is 4w all the time, it's not...
  18. Any online gamers?

    WoW, FFXIV, GW2, GTA:O, SWTOR, etc. Who plays what (If they do) and what server/side. Getting back into WoW, Dalaran for BFA (Horde), Rattlegore for Classic (Horde)
  19. Any shops in Central Jersey/Shore that can do Headlight LED Boards? I know, it's a Ram, but Ram 1st, Jeep later on. All I know of is One Eighty in Coney Island, but wondering if there's anything closer, as how many times have I seen Jeeps and cars with Halos and stuff? Thanks in...
  20. The Winter Vacation thread

    Because summer's over, don't have anything saved for fall and between my birthday and Christmas (13 days apart), I'll be more than set with everything I don't have. Question is, if you were to go on a solo trip (or in your cases, spouse with no kids), where would you go, as my cousin here...