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  1. Virginia Rubicon Xtreme Recon

    Just bumping this sale thread.
  2. Thoughts on Advanced Safety Group

    It works well- has alerted me to people slamming on their brakes. Cross path is pretty awesome. Adaptive cruise works well for anytime you’re on the highway- just set it and go. I find it more useful in the grand Cherokee where we do a lot of road trips. The wrangler is mostly around town and...
  3. Alignment tweaks

    From a Jeep Wrangler engineer… “at least 6 deg caster and about 1/8 toe OUT they drive much better”
  4. Virginia Sold: Rubicon Xtreme Recon

    Looking to sell my 2021 Rubicon Xtreme Recon. Every option. Msrp $68,895. 3.6l ETorque, Cold weather (heated seats, steering) Leather seats trailer & tow (Aux switches, trailering package) LED lighting, 8.4” Radio group (Nav, Apple Car Play, etc.) XR package (see below) Safety group...
  5. Shock Upgrade

    I have an XR that I upgraded to Fox 2.0 shocks. I ordered the one for 0-1.5” lift and it worked perfectly. Full stuff still has a little more room for the shock, and under full droop it allows for a little more travel without maxing out any brake lines etc.
  6. Mopar LCA swap

    Yeah I was surprised. I checked the part number on my factory arms and they matched the stock Rubicon LCA. I only went with the Mopar because they’re indistinguishable to a dealer and right now my Jeep is all ‘stock’. But a noticeable improvement for sure. This and the Synergy track bar and...
  7. Mopar LCA swap

    I have a new XR and noticed a little wandering when on narrow back roads that weren’t perfectly smooth. And under hard braking it felt a little unstable. I swapped to these longer Mopar LCAs and it’s noticeably better. Hard braking is stable, and the Jeep drives so much better. I highly...
  8. Jeep JL Car Play Project.

    It is made by Course. Yes it is a MagSafe charger. Although I think using any magnetic head with the apple MagSafe charger would work. That’s what I’m using in my Grand Cherokee.
  9. 37s on xtreme recon package?

    I think a 37 would work depending on the tire. One that runs true or large, may need some minor trim or very slight bump extension. But a 37 BFG KO looks like it’ll certainly fit. Here are 2 pics of my XR fully flexed out. All stock except for Fox shocks on 35” KO2. There was a bit more than 1...
  10. Xtreme recon suspension on Sport

    The XR is Rubicon + 1.5”. I don’t think it would be a problem on a sport as most of the other items are the same as factory. I am surprised at how true and well it drives for maintaining the stock control arms.
  11. Extreme Rubicon Shocks

    There have been people quoting Jeep engineers who were clear to state that they are very different shocks and are also tuned differently. Not sure of what those differences are.
  12. 2021 JLUR Jacking Question

    You’re fine to jack by the pumpkin, it won’t break. Much easier and quicker as well.
  13. MagSafe case

    It is 17mm. Similar to most of the off the shelf phone magnetic mounts, etc.
  14. MagSafe case

    It works with MagSafe cases. There’s an option for the MagSafe charger, that’s what I have.
  15. Trying to decide between Rubicon and HA but 4x4 systems?

    Like 2 pages down, from yesterday:
  16. MagSafe case

    You could probably use a regular magnetic mount and then stick the Apple charger to it. I used the Course mount that has a little bracket that uses the bolt that holds the head unit in place. I like it.
  17. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    Looks good; and I agree that the SOT is great. I had a soft top on my JKUR and hated it. Went to a hard top and it was really nice but it was so inconvenient that taking the top off almost never happened. But with the SOT, the top is open anytime its nice. And even on cooler days, I open it...
  18. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    When offroading the thing that causes breakage is torque and weight. You're increasing both with the 392. So likely for it to be more prone to breaking than the regular Rubicon given they have the same hardware but the 392 has more weight and torque.
  19. New Challenge - Part #s for XR fender trim extensions

    I have the XR and the flares do little to protect from crap hitting the doors and rear fender. Its only purpose seems to be to have the wider tires from the factory and have the tires be 'covered'.
  20. Rubicon XR & 392 stock height comparison

    Are there things that stick out in terms of differences between the 2 suspensions? I would assume Fox shocks and longer bump stops for the XR.