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  1. Cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin has turned into Shitcoin this year
  2. Missing ESS Battery……. WTH??????

    There aren't a variety of configurations for eTorque. All eTorques have the main battery and the 48v underneath the Jeep. That's it. Any other configuration is not eTorque. This shop was able to order the 48v battery? And get it next day? That doesn't sound right with parts shortages these days...
  3. Is this ok to bypass Aux?

    Its the opposite. The alternator charges the main battery which in turn charges the AUX. A bad AUX will constantly try to charge off the main battery which is why it will eventually draw down the main battery.
  4. Garage floor coatings?

    Full broadcast Polyaspartic is what I had done too
  5. Garage floor coatings?

    If you are going to go the DIY route, don't go with a big box store kit from Lowes or HD. Take a look at Armorpoxy. It's about 1k +/- for a 600 sq ft kit depending on the top coat. I initially was going to go this route with the help of a couple of friends but decided to go with professional...
  6. Now that's a nice lookin lot

    I didn't think you lived that close to Gupton
  7. Now that's a nice lookin lot

    Did you hack into their security cameras or something? 🤣
  8. Anyone experiencing Trim Popping Up Issues on the 2023 Rubicons?

    He's talking about the plastic trim between the top of the vertical part of the sill and the seat. He's outlined it in red in the photos
  9. What's ur temp today?

    I don't go anywhere without checking with my weatherman first
  10. What's ur temp today?

    Well, this morning it was about 53, then hit 60 at noon. Currently at 63. Update! Its now 62.
  11. Factory half doors (dual door group)

    Most likely bought a dealer stock JL that came with them and they didn't want them Or they ordered them and decided they weren't going to use them enough to justify the price. Many people flip them for a profit.
  12. Retail price went up.... by a lot!

    I can only imagine what we are missing out on.
  13. Extended Warranty for a Jeep JL

    Have you tried using the forum search feature? This topic has been discussed ad nauseum
  14. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    They'll just roll it into their next $1000/month payment lol
  15. Annoying horn blasts when exiting Jeep with engine running.

    Wouldnt the simple solution to those scenarios be to just leave the fob inside? I know you said for some reason that that isn't an option for you but, barring the option to disable the feature, it is the simplest solution
  16. Annoying horn blasts when exiting Jeep with engine running.

    It's not there to warn people they're wasting gas, it's there to remind you that you walked away from a running vehicle and someone can get in and drive it away.
  17. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    My local CDJR dealer is advertising all vehicles in stock at invoice.