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  1. Jeep tracker codes

    Yes, the other codes relate to your order. I ordered the hinge gate reinforcement on my 2 door and it didn’t show on the items listed, but the code for it was in the codes below.
  2. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Hard to say. Been trying to add my latest order for the last 3 days and it won’t let me.
  3. ⚡️ Mopar Teases New Jeep and RAM Concepts Ahead of 2022 SEMA Debut

    They announced the 10th anniversary Rubicon at the LA Auto show which isn’t until later in November this year. They may do it there again.
  4. OK, show of hands... Who else also just happens to own the best looking Jeep in their neighborhood?

    Not only is mine the best looking in the neighborhood, this color with the XR package was only available for a few weeks to order before Jeep starting putting restrictions on what could be ordered makes it one of the rarest.
  5. Spacer/Level on an XR?

    Replied to you on my original post on this question.
  6. Anyone added a leveling kit to XR package yet?

    I added the Daystar 3/4 inch leveling kit to mine 4 weeks ago. No issues at all. It’s pretty level with the winch/winch plate and lights on. Very happy with it.
  7. 23 Wrangler Subwoofer back in the floor?

    I ordered it in my 2019 2 door. Was not standard, had to add it on. Have not looked at for 23 so not sure if it still available, was available to order for 22s though as I passed on it.
  8. 23 Wrangler Subwoofer back in the floor?

    That’s the one thing I really disliked in my 2 doors, was such a pain cuz stuff was always falling in it. Had the same set up in my 16 4 door Rubi and hated it for the same reasons.
  9. Power Seat Conversion on my JL rubicon It should have came this way from the factory

    Everyone’s body type is different obviously. I’ve done multiple 12-15 hr plus trips in both JKs and JLs and find the seats extremely comfortable, no pain or stiffness at all afterward. As for them being manual, I absolutely love it and hope that’s always standard and they can offer power for...
  10. Recent soft top window changes

    The zipper way on the JK was an extreme pain at times. I think that design was more rugged and would last longer without something failing. I had a 2 door with a soft top and within just a couple thousand miles the window on the passenger side kept pulling off the slide because the tube had a...
  11. Recent soft top window changes

    My first 2022 was delivered on Jan 31st and had the old style, my 2nd one was delivered on May 31st and had the updated ones.
  12. Recent soft top window changes

    The rear one is still the same as the old style, they only updated the side windows.
  13. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Yes, that is the Mopar satin black grill. It definitely has a matte look to it, almost perfectly matches the black fenders.
  14. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Got the winch and lights installed finally along with 3/4 inch spacers to offset the extra weight.
  15. Recent soft top window changes

    It looks like you would just pull the old ones off and stick these on.