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  1. 19 JLR 2DR Electrical issue fix - fuses and relays

    I had tons of issues with electrical my first 1000mi. Cruise control, 8.4 screen bugs, rear cam, park sensors. Hated this new jeep. It may be a coincidence, but after solidly seating the fuses and relays in the fuse block by the battery, i havent had a single issue since. Free and easy thing...
  2. 19 JL 2dr ParkSense chiming too much 600mi

    19 JL 2 door. Jan 2019 About a month after i bought it, 600mi or so, every time i put it in reverse, the rear parksense would act like i was always close to something. Chime like crazy intermittently. Restarted vehicle and no change. Restarted the ParkSense feature and it seemed to work...
  3. 19 JL 2DR Forward Collision/ACC/Cruise Inop

    19 JL 2dr 2600mi Forward collision and ACC cruise lights came on. Tried regular cruise. Regular cruise said no and light came on as well. A trio. Restarted. No avail, but regular cruise alarm went back off. Tried regular cruise again about 30min later...all alarms shut off and everything...
  4. 19 JL Sudden Accel Downhill in 4L

    19 JL 2dr Rubi Going downhill in 4L 1000rpm and holding. Well controlled. Very slow for a few seconds. Steep grade. 1-3mph. Rocky. Its like the brakes release. RPMs climb rapidly. Have to apply brakes. Cycle repeats. Not a smooth typical controlled RPM climb going downhill in any other 4x4.
  5. 19 JL 2DR Uconnect 8.4 outside temp inop

    Went up in the mtns like ive done many times. Roughly 40 to 60F so no shocker temp. Temp just didnt show. Had to shut down engine and restart to get it to read again.
  6. 19 JL 2DR Uconnect 8.4 GPS and elevation show nothing

    One day it will work, another day it will have one or the other, some days it doesnt even try. 19 JL RUBI 2 DR