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    For anyone wondering: I learned from a buddy who is a tech- I have leather seats, no heating elements. You can pop open the back cover of the seat on the rear bottom and look for the wires, apparently. Took him 5 seconds because he knew what he was looking for. Not surprising as I didn't seem...
  2. My mind is made up and I’m 100 percent getting a wrangler. I just have one more question.

    You are 100% correct, with a few caveats. I've done the math several times over- it doesn't add up. You're always spending more, by a long shot if you include labor (because you can't do all the work yourself), and downtime of the Jeep (if it's your daily driver). People love themselves some...
  3. My mind is made up and I’m 100 percent getting a wrangler. I just have one more question.

    Agreed. Especially for a beginner or someone who isn't sure if they're into off roading yet. This is 100% correct. I've had a friend who is a tech tell me something was a known issue. I brought it to a dealer and have them tell me a number of BS things, such as: "We can't fix this" "This is the...
  4. How silly would a Rubicon on 33s look with a 3.5” lift for a few months?

    I'll also echo the "who cares?" statements of others. 100% does not matter as long as the Jeep functions. You're still looking better than those Angry Grille people That said: Mid 2021 I had my 37's sitting in my garage for 2-3 months while I waited for RK to build my lift. No complaints, it...
  5. Would like some insight on how it would be to daily a wrangler.

    I've been daily driving Wranglers since 2003- my JLUR is my 3rd one, and by far my favorite. They've all been Modded to tackle difficult trails and also drive to work on Monday, and potentially take on a road trip the following week. So I may be a bit biased., They ride and handle differently...
  6. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    Awesome build. Great videos. I need to stop watching these 392 threads....
  7. Are 4.10s sufficient?

    I run 37's w/ Stock Rubicon 4.10's. V6, Manual trans. I drive 4 mi to work but take a decent amount of road trips. 37's on 4.10's v6/MT is manageable around town, but not ideal. I will probably go to 4.88's at some point to get some of that power band back. For the record: 37" tires are about...
  8. Jeep JL Car Play Project.

    Thank you for your contributions. I made this mod almost 3 years ago and I still love it.
  9. Fully loaded Rubicons, list the advantages.(other than the obvious of course)

    I’ve run all their stuff on my old Jeeps plus this one and honestly this kit is one of the most bang for your buck kits on the market based on what it is, where it is priced, and how great it performs. It punches way above its weight class.
  10. Fully loaded Rubicons, list the advantages.(other than the obvious of course)

    Nope. Swapped out for a Rock Krawler 2.5” Adventure Series kit w/ shocks. Improved the handling and ride over stock, in my opinion- feels more stable and responsive. Stock suspension was nice but once I made the switch I realized how twitchy is is by comparison.
  11. 📒 🔑 ☀️ Fob Scrapbook - What's in your pocket.. Add your's..

    I see a lot of custom colors- just out of curiosity- has anyone done a Punk'n Orange? or any other custom patterns Featuring Orange?
  12. Fully loaded Rubicons, list the advantages.(other than the obvious of course)

    Having a Jeep that can run 37's with minimal mods, and be the shiny "new" Jeep on the trail who casually walks everything on the tough trails (No winches, no straps, just keeps going), while watching other, older, more built Jeeps struggle. Then being able to clean up, pack up, and take my...
  13. Sadly, just gave up delivery of my new JLUR

    Just out of curiosity: My credit union is at 3-4% on anything newer than 2017. Where are people seeing 9%? That's kinda nuts.
  14. How do you guys clean your jeep? Way more difficult than I would have assumed.

    After a trail ride, I've always done car wash self wash or pressure washer, then hand wash. Make sure to get all the undercarriage, etc. Occasionally I'll do a touch free Car wash w/ soft top (like when we get back from beach vacations). If the hard top is on and it's too cold to hand wash I'll...
  15. It's that time of year, go get ur Punk'n 🎃

    Out of curiosity- those of you who ordered Punk’n- is this a dealer only option? I can’t seem to find it on the build site on I assume they will be model year 2023 delivery?
  16. Bad idea?… Opinions.

    yes and no. Steering stabilizers don't solve DW, so you do want to see what you can find- but at the same time, you don't want to mess with too much at once and make the Jeep undrivable. I think you're going about it the right way, checking one thing at a time.
  17. Bad idea?… Opinions.

    100% the most important point, right here.
  18. At wit’s end with 2022 MT JLU

    2019 JLUR, 22k mi on 37's w/ Stock gearing (still). been driving stick in w/ my old Jeeps since 2003(ish) and a few random others (borrowed JKUR, Yard Tractor Trailer at a previous job, etc etc). I like driving manual more than auto. the 8spd Auto in Wrangler is really nice (had a rental with...
  19. Bad idea?… Opinions.

    I'm not super well versed in specifics with the JLUR because full disclaimer: I've never had to deal with them personally, at least on this Jeep. It drove great stock and drives great lifted. I would say adjusting your caster seems to do the trick for a lot of the JL's experiencing Death...