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  1. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Yes the bronco is pretty cool. They certainly took aim at the Jeep? I wonder if they had To build it on their own would it have been this rig that emerged? It’s a lot easier to say ok the Jeep has this let’s do this....... However in my view ford pretty much abandoned us for 24 years...
  2. Overheated need answers!

    Yeah I pulled over again and again. Drove a little. Then repeat
  3. Overheated need answers!

    Yeah dealer said thermostat. Question is would that damage other internal engine parts?
  4. Overheated need answers!

    So today I was on my to a job site, in ojai from Oakhurst . Left it was. 37 in the valley 61 Jeep is cruising along just fine and out of nowhere it over heats. Like in about 3 min. Pulled over Let it cool. Then same thing. Call AAA they’ll tow but I can’t ride with them they told me to...
  5. Radio shutting off and coming back on??

    One does it too . Usually after I shut it off and get back in a while or whenever I have to make an important phone. Call I also had an issue with the rear locker locking. It happened in a drive through line at a Starbucks as I left the window and made the turn I could hear the tires drag on the...
  6. Jeep camper

    well without going into. A lot of details I am going to a semi van life state of existence. A couple of reasons. But the big one I love my Jeep so much I don’t want to rack up 100,000 miles on pavement. So I decided to buy a van and build it out as livable. To work out of. Being a Jeep guy my...
  7. Badmouthing Jeep

    had mine for almost 2 years since may of 2018. have over 40,000 miles wheeled it pretty hard some times not 1 single issue.
  8. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    I have it but my screen is really dark and a different color than my iPhone. The iPhone is light tan and white background. The screen is dark green with dark brown topo lines. I can’t figure out how to fix it. Ant ideas?
  9. Locker won’t disengage help

    So I was getting ready to hit the road and I saw the rear locker had engaged. I was in 2 wheel drive. Hadn’t been in 4 wheel at all. So I thought maybe I hit the switch accidentally. Reached down to flip it off. It wouldn’t turn off. Shut the Jeep down. Restarted Nothing worked. Did this...
  10. Tow package what does it do?

    i have the tow package. Somewhere on this forum I thought someone said that the tow package is already set up for electric brakes on your trailer. I have the 7 pin hookup I think whoops better double check it. So I should be able to just plug it in and everything will work? Brake lights...
  11. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    thanks becuase I use apple car play allthe time.
  12. Badmouthing Jeep

    Ilove my Jeep and all jeeps, period. I know it is not perfect. but it is n't a toyota where people think they are perfect but really are not. MY first jeep a 77 cj-7 golden eagle had the light switch die withinthe first week. had to drive home on the freeway form college got...
  13. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    I have several questions feel free to answer them any and all How is the off-road navigation system. The 3 d one? What works now and what doesn’t.? Do any of you have a tazer and is there any issues with using both? How does Bluetooth work? Do theaux switches still work. I have lights hooked...
  14. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    So what do you think so far? Have you tried the. Nav out? Especially the off-road parts. Do you still have the off-road pages? Do the media plugs in the module. Below still work? I am guessing you had the 8.3 before? How long did it take? Any tricky parts? I am kinda looking waiting on...
  15. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    can you connect your iphone with a cable wire set up to it?
  16. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    what app is that? Will 3001 delete the off road pages form the center of the dash between the instrunent cluster? In not then that is awesome! looking reallyhard at this may hve to doit.
  17. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    I wonder what will happen with off-road pages. And how it will interact with a tazer if at all?
  18. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    Yeah it looks very cool. Probably what the jeep should have had in the first place. Big question. Will I loose my off-road pages? Might be worth it if I can run Gaia on bcn without a WiFi signal. Does any know how that is possible. .? Does the unit have that much memory? I am so tempted...