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  1. Tow Hooks

    Came across these hooks for sale and Im unfamiliar with the lower two in the picture. Can anyone explain where these go? Thank you
  2. Washington 2 Door OEM Rubicon rock rails

    Looking for a set of OEM Rubicon rock rails,,, Im in Pierce county
  3. Found……Want to buy 2 door Rubicon Rock Rails

    Found a set thank you…Looking for a set of OEM Rubicon rock rails for 2 door Rubicon
  4. Washington WTB Rubicon steel front bumper

    Want to buy,,,,Rubicon steel front bumper without sensor holes
  5. Found,,,Rubicon steel front bumper.

    I have found one, no longer need. Rubicon steel front bumper without sensors.
  6. SOLD TPMS Sensors- Wrangler

    For sale is a set of 5 TPMS sensors, these are the new style for 2021 and 2022, $175 shipped in the US
  7. Washington Sold: TPMS sensors new style

    I have 5 TPMS sensors, they are the new style 2021 & 2022 for sale they are complete as pictured, removed shortly after jeep was purchased.. $175 shipped in the U.S
  8. Tpms sensor compatibility

    I have a 2018 Rubicon Jl and recently acquired a set of 2021 Rubicon takeoffs with sensors,,will the tpms sensors on the 2021 wheels be compatible with my 2108 Or do I need to swap them? Thanks for any input
  9. Hidden switch to prevent starting ?

    On my cj5 I had a hidden switch that cut the power to the coil to help prevent theft. Does anyone do something like this when your topless?
  10. Washington Sold: Gladiator Rubicon- JL, OEM wheels

    Set of 5 2021 Gladiator Rubicon OEM Wheels, Will fit any JL… in excellent condition, no tire pressure sensors. $400 for the set. $500 with sensors. Will sell sensors separately for $175. Im in Pierce County Wash.
  11. SOLD Rubicon wheels for sale

    I have a set of five Gladiator Rubicon wheels, they will fit any Wrangler JL, for sale, they are in excellent condition, $400 without TPMS $500 with TPMS for the set, Located in Lake Tapps, Pierce county Wa.
  12. Washington SOLD: Rubicon KO2 tires & Wheels

    Set of 5 KO2 285/70R17 tires and Rubicon Wheels with less than 2000 miles on them, includes sensor, no lug nuts. Like new condition. Pierce County Wa. Near Sumner Wa. $1250
  13. SOLD..KO2’s and Rubicon Wheels

    SOLD I have a set of 5, 285/70R17 KO2’s and JL Rubicon wheels for sale, they have less than 2000 miles on them. $1250. I live up the hill from Sumner in Lake Tapps.
  14. Maxis Razr AT

    Im looking at getting a set of 35 inch Maxis Razr At or the Open Range AT Les Schwab. One negative I heard on the Razr was its not that good in the rain, because the large tread pattern…. Anybody running either one of these tires? Opinions? Thanks
  15. 2020 Gladiator wheels on a 2018 2dr Rubicon ?

    Im looking at these takeoffs from a 2020 Gladiator for my 2018 Rubicon. I dont really care for the black stock wheels on the Rubicon and want to retain the stock offset. I was looking at a chart and it said they would not be compatible. Does anyone have any knowledge with this, seems like they...
  16. Mopar Gear Wheels

    Im thinking about getting a set of these for my 2018 Rubicon, they are 17x8.5, 5.22 inch back space, t 12 offset. My question is how do these measurements compare to the stock black and silver wheels my jeep came with? Does anyone know the measurements of the stock wheels, backspace and offset...
  17. Wheel Sensors Question

    Im planning a wheel swap from the stock Black and Silver stock Rubicon wheels to a set of Mopar Gear wheels. My question is can the sensors be swapped over to the new wheels? Thank you
  18. Rubicon plastic bumper to steel bumper question

    My 2018 Rubicon came with the plastic bumper, I found a steel factory take off to replace it with, but it seems to be missing a mounting bracket or bezel to install the fog lights. Im including a pic and if someone can tell me what Im missing it would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  19. 392 Rubicon Unlimited in Tacoma Wa.

    For those looking here is one in Tacoma Wa. Contact Justin Smith at Larson Jeep
  20. Washington Looking to buy the oem three piece steel front bumper for my 2018 JL Rubicon. Mine came with the plastic one and is LED. Thanks

    Looking to buy the oem three piece steel front bumper for my 2018 JL Rubicon, it is equipped with the LED package Thank you