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  1. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Thx. That was the goal. Considered also the Fifteen52 Analogs and the Gladiator steel spares but thought these worked best.
  2. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    I don't know, but I kinda assume they are.
  3. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Thx! They’re KMC Roswells.
  4. Soft Top 2 Door Guys… When you……

    Fold it down just in case you get caught in a torrential downpour. You're welcome.
  5. Best configuration for basic comforts

    Cold weather group is very nice to have.
  6. I lied to ya

    That OEM antenna is just horrendous.
  7. Water Resistancy

    I was caught in a torrential downpour last Tuesday on Martha's Vineyard, soft top in Safari mode. Lotta the roads were flooded, a few to at least a couple of feet in the lowest lying areas. Hit multiple puddles causing that log flume ride style massive spray up over the roof. Everything seemed...
  8. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Just leaving Chappaquiddick.
  9. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Swapped out the wheels, ripped off the stickers, changed the antenna. That's about it.
  10. Still No VON

    I did not get one for a while - few weeks.
  11. I never drive my Jeep…and I’m ok with it!

    I have 3000 miles on mine after about a year and a half. Just tooling around, which is why I bought it.
  12. JT Spare Steelies on JL 2 Door

    Love this look -
  13. Tan top/ tan door

    My God that looks fantastic.
  14. Color Drama

    Sarge is more uniquely Jeep; Hydro Blue (or something very similar) is common on lots of vehicles.
  15. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Having a plain black decal on your hood is not what I was talking about - yours is a piece of functional equipment, not a "Hey everyone, look at me" decal. Now if your decal said "GLARE REDUCER 5000" on it in huge multicolored letters, then yes, floral pants.
  16. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Wouldn't this be the opposite? I always thought having a giant decal on your hood went out of fashion with the Trans Am in 1975, and is akin now to wearing garish floral pants.
  17. Opinions on these bumpers I'm thinking of getting?

    I took those 'Nos" to heart and held off. Still haven't switched out the original ones. Leaning toward putting a Willy's bumper on it.