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  1. Great news for future 392 owners!

    Kents Jeep Squad is now offering BELOW INVOICE pricing for the Wrangler Rubicon 392! 🤯🤯 Email/PM me to place an order.
  2. Anyone looking for a Deal, but not wanting to order?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to put this out there, I have a couple Jeeps that were ordered that the customer wasn't able to take delivery. If you're interested, PM me :)
  3. Safety Groups are BACK!

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share the exciting news that both of the safety groups are back! The following trims do not have Safety Group as an option: 2 and 4 Door Sport 2 and 4 door Willy's Sport 392 Right Hand Drive Finally, the Gladiators have not had the Safety Groups return.
  4. Xtreme Recon Package is back for 2023MY! Along with a BRAND NEW option: Black Vinyl Floor Covering

    Title says it all. It's available on the RUBICON, WILLY'S, and WILLY'S SPORT trims, including all engine types (V6 Auto/Manual and 2 Liter Turbo). This package has not yet returned to the 392. Jeep has also brought back the Dual Door Groups, Door Sill Guards, Tubliner, Hardtop Headliner...
  5. 392 20th Anniversary

    I'm curious what everyone is thinking on the 20th Anniversary 392. Will it have Dana 44 or Dana 60 axels?? I have not heard anything official, just a lot of chatter.
  6. Possible confirmation of 20th Anniversary in January 2023???

    Whispers and rumors of the 392 20th Anniversary have been floating around since earlier this year, however, I think I finally have more solid information (or what I skeptically call a Definite Maybe) about the 20th Anniversary. Simply put, I am told that the ordering could take place in January...
  7. Bye Bye Extreme Recon

    Hey Everyone, I didn't see the info posted here yet, but I just wanted to do a general blast and let everyone know that Extreme Recon has been removed from all Wranglers. Rubicons, Willys, 392. Nothing on my ordering side shows it's available, so I hope everyone who wanted it put their order in...
  8. 392 Xtreme Recon

    Just a heads up to all you 392 fans out there, as of today the Xtreme Recon package has been removed from the list of available options. I'm hoping it's just a glitch. Fingers crossed!! Anybody know anything more about this??