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  1. Why we Jeep

    Family memories. Not every adventure has to be an 11, just get far enough away for cell phone service to die and your good!
  2. Bypass keyless start

    Is there an emergency start procedure for when your key fob decides to quit? I'm trying to leave the beach last night with the family all loaded up, and my JL decides it can't find my FOB signal. It got a little wet, but not like it was dipped in the water. Lock and Unlock still work, but my...
  3. Rubicon front wheel bearing tips

    Changing my clutch yesterday and I noticed my driver front wheel bearing is clicking, time to change. I have warranty but I'd rather not mess with the dealer. Anyone changed theirs yet? Have any tips to share?
  4. Texas WTB Bar from rear soft window

    I bought a tonneau cover from quadratec (very nice quality and under $100) but i didn't realize it needs the closing bar tailgate thing from an original soft top rear window. I have only a hard top but have been running topless this winter. Anyone have that bar and actually be willing to part...
  5. D44s & 40s, who has made them work

    A pair of 1 ton axles is great, but not within the budget of everyone. Who here is running 40s on stock axles?
  6. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    This will just be a rough guide to doing your own swap solo on a drive way. 1. Disconnect batteries (not really necessary here but a good standard practice). Remove the ground post and also the negative lead from the 2nd battery. Wrap that lead in electrical tape. Open door and verify power has...
  7. Another bad weld recall (W01) coming this week

    Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2020 Jeep Wrangler vehicles. The left side lower control arm bracket and weld may not be correctly positioned. The improper weld may allow the lower control arm to separate from the axle which can increase the risk of a crash. Chrysler will notify...
  8. Anyone running Super Swampers on their JL?

    Anyone running Super Swampers on their JL? I've run 35" Thornbirds (Best looking tire in my opinion) for years on my Ram though they were terrible at anything other than looking cool and I'm running 38 x 15.5 SSRs on it now which have been fantastic. I'm just curious how the JL responds to them...
  9. Cargo / Tailgate lighting

    I wasn't crazy about the options I could find on the market and I REALLY wasn't happy with the amount of light Jeep decided to cast into the cargo area. With kids there's a constant need to dig stuff out for them from the back and it's not fun trying to use your cellphone for a flashlight. I...
  10. Wrangler/Bronco competitor, rem top, doors, etc

    As you can see, the doors come off, dual Freedom top, the rear top comes off, and the windshield folds with a center hinge. IFS front and 4 or 5 link rear
  11. Milwaukee hits and misses

    Love my M12 tools, been great. But just got an M12 Fuel 1/2" hammer drill and the clutch is now electronic. Long story short, it's terrible. If you don't hit the tension spot on when you first start driving, it stalls out or overtightens the fastener. If you don't get it all the way down, you...
  12. 3" or less backspacing. Photos?

    Anyone running super deep rims? Like 3" or less backspacing?
  13. How to disassemble side-view mirrors?

    Planning to install some puddle lamps and side-lighting. Before I start trying to pry the thing apart, I figured I'd check if anyone's cracked them open before and would be willing to share some tips. Thanks in advance
  14. Clutch pedal extension

    My wife is somewhat vertically challenged and doesn't like having to sit so close the wheel. Not much in the way of reasonably priced aftermarket solutions. I extended the clutch pedal on her TJ with a block of rubber but ended up using a wood block for her JL. Cut and sanded matching bevels to...
  15. Optional location for Tazer front camera

    I bought the Tazer front camera, terrific product, but I have large driving lights on my bumper and the grille location is totally blocked for a forward view. I cut a hole in my front skid and jbwelded it in place. It's a pretty handy location, gives a good ground-level view of what's coming up...
  16. Dual registration on jeepgladiatorforum?

    How do I extend my username so it's valid on the Gladiator forums too? There is apparently a way to do both but I can't seem to find the setting or option. Thanks
  17. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Anyone tried running Gladiator take-off Fox shocks on a JLUR? I'm assuming there should be plenty of them floating around now that the Gladiator has been out a while and lift kits are going on.
  18. JL (2DR) Sold: Dynomax 39537 Muffler Delete

    Used about 700 miles. Sounds good under acceleration, quiet while cruising, but a little tiring if towing under load through hills. Went back stock since it's my wife's daily driver. Still in original box. Deep south Texas. $75
  19. Bad U-joint or t-case slop?

    So I've noticed this since I bought the Jeep with 13k miles on it. In low range as you get on or off the accelerator you hear (and feel) loud metallic clacking as the Jeep rocks forward or backward. Crawling this past weekend it was really annoying. I've checked usual culprits but can't find...