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  1. Drivers side sub woofer mounting idea

    I still kept the full woofer in the back:
  2. Resale?

    Hi, I’m curious now, in late January of 2022, how the resale market is for these. We all know that the market in general for new and used vehicles has been greatly inflated due to chip shortages etc so I’m curious if anybody has researched if that also applies to diesel wranglers. Thanks.
  3. Gorilla glass replacement?

    I did a search but didn’t find anything. I need a new windshield…can I get the gorilla glass as a replacement?
  4. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    Apologies if this was posted elsewhere already. Jeep veep says 'good chance' electric Wrangler is coming in 2023
  5. Clunk noise in 1st gear

    I have a 3.6 Sport with a 6mt, stock hearing, LSD, and 33.25” tires on stock wheels. When at a stop, when I release the clutch in first gear I hear a distinct metallic clunk noise. It’s just the single sound and it doesn’t repeat. I don’t think it does it in any other gear but I might not be...
  6. Hot weather

    I drove across FL twice in the last few weeks. The day trips were during about 90F temps. The engine was very sluggish around 70mph. 6th gear was almost unusable. I have a 6mt on a Sport. I do run 33.25” tires. Driving back at night the temps were in the high 70s (about a 12 degree...
  7. Daytona area dealers

    Can anybody here recommend a good dealer in the Daytona Beach area for basic maintenance? (I.e. they won’t use 6 quarts of the wrong weight oil or only rotate 4 tires when I ask for 5). Or at least any places to definitely avoid? I’ll be in New Smyrna Beach for an extended trip. Thanks.
  8. Yes this happened in NY today

    In my own neighborhood too. Is it ok to be ashamed of your home from time to time? I’m glad I didn’t see it at night with the tacky blue LED lights I’m sure it has underneath and in the wheels turned on. I’m also glad the booming speakers were quiet. Oh, and the vanity plate which I blacked...
  9. CB mounting thread(s)?

    I seem to recall a thread or two which discussed mounting options for a CB head unit...but a search hasn't turned them up. Does anybody here have a link or a summary? Thanks!
  10. GC pricing

    A bit off topic but I know there are dealers who right off the bat offer great pricing on Wranglers. Are there any such dealers that do similar for Grand Cherokees?
  11. Parts needed to add a hard top?

    I have a Sport that came from the factory with only the soft top. I’m going to be getting a hard top. Can anybody confirm what parts I need to order to mount the hard top? I believe there are a couple of mounting brackets that I need. I’m not worried about hooking up the wiper/washer. Thanks.
  12. Road Armor Stealth Fender Flares?

    Has anybody mounted these and if so do you have before and after pictures vs the stock flares? I'm considering getting them but I want to see how they look with my bumper compared to the stock flares. Thanks.
  13. Smittybilt spare relo bracket bump stops

    I recently upgraded the tires on my Sport (on Moab wheels) to 295/70R17 and got the Smittybilt relo bracket. After installing it I tighten the lugs but the bump stops compress and compress, it doesn’t feel like it’s really tightening up against the carrier. I’ve attached a picture (yes I see...
  14. How to measure height?

    I park in a parking garage which has a posted height limit of 6' 6". I have a 2 door Sport. I've changed the tires to 295/70-R17. I've added some weight (steel bumpers, winch, lights). I'm planning to add a takeoff Rubi suspension. I have a soft top on. What is the most accurate way to...
  15. Proactively replace aux battery?

    My JL is an Aug 18 build that sat on a lot for a while before I got it in June of 19. What kind of life are people seeing out of their aux batteries? I thought I read two years on a different thread. I’m wondering if a proactive swap is something I should consider soon.
  16. New York WTB 2 door black hardtop

    Willing to travel around the northeast to get it (New England, PA, MD, etc).
  17. Chauffeur for a Jeep?

    Went outside and found this:
  18. Mothers CMX

    Finally detailed the Jeep myself. I washed it once or twice at a self serve wash and had it hand washed and waxed maybe 2-3 times too in the year that I’ve had it. I finally spent some money on a foam cannon, clay bar, wash mitt, etc and did it all myself. It cost me the same as paying...
  19. Good deal on Cooper Evolution MT?

    Cooper EVOLUTION M/T All-Season LT295/70R17 121/118Q Tire $181 each, shipped. This seems like a very good deal to me in the size I want. Am I missing anything?
  20. Jeep shop on Cape Cod?

    Can anybody recommend a good Jeep shop on Cape Cod? I'm on Martha's Vineyard and there's no shop here. I'm looking to have a takeoff Rubicon suspension with the Mopar LCAs installed by somebody knowledgable who won't mess up what is good steering now (no wander, etc). Thanks!