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  1. Falcon 2.1 shocks 400 miles

    Hey guys looking to sell my Falcon 2.1’s. Literally brand new. 400 miles on them. I had them on my JL while my custom Kings were being built. (King’s came In early) Really nice shocks they worked and road great on my Rock Krawler 2.5. $470 shipped to the US. I am located in Denver CO...
  2. RK 2.5 installed with 37’s

    Got my Rock Krawler loft installed with 37s honestly thought it would be taller. Little disappointing. I would do 3.5 lift if I was starting over. (JK lifts were always taller from RK) Getting quite a bit of rub when I flex off-road with the 37s. Well see. Overall ride is pretty close to stock...
  3. Trail protection

    So I’m all about a Jeep being used for exactly what it’s built for however I like it to look nice on and off the trails. Has anyone found or thought of ways to protect the paint while on the trails ? The JK had the magnetic cover however with the aluminum doors those won’t work. Thoughts, ideas??
  4. Wheeling on Spacer lift

    Thoughts on general to moderate wheeling with a spacer lift? Im getting too anxious waiting for RK. Based on the current capabilities of the stock JL suspension, is it even necessary to do a full lift? Or would spacers, control arms, and a track bar suffice? Thoughts ? Running 37s no lift...
  5. In a Pinch let’s talk winch ( All but Warn)

    Havent seen a thread on winches yet... What winch is everyone going with? Besides WARN Brand- Model- Weight of winch - lbs Power - lbs Synthetic or steel - Price - $ Where you bought it - Winch plate ?
  6. Emergency/ Trail Toolkit list?

    I looked through the threads and didn't see this. Thought it may be helpful as a checklist What are the tools you take for the trail? Craftsman 200 pc tool kit Tow straps Ratcheting straps Hi Lift Jack Compressor Etc.. Would liketo see what everyone else packs or suggest