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  1. Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, Service Charging System, Cabin Cooling or Heating

    Update 11/16: Further evaluation of Cabin Cooling or Heating (CHOC) issue is not possible, as the vehicle has entered into the “normal” Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode (FORM) for the wintertime. Because vehicle is now stuck in winter FORM (with a recent oil change two weeks ago), there is no record in...
  2. Mopar a-pillar light bracket for 4Xe Something like this? Reviews mention 4xe compatibility. Similar designs available from a few sellers. Stay away from the red painted ones (supposedly fade to pink)
  3. UPDATE SOLVED Electric Mode Unavailable Cabin Cooling or Heating

    For anyone reading this in the future, I was able to track down a copy of the entire star case mentioned by u/Shasta_Steve. I would suggest showing this to your dealer if you get the "Cabin Cooling or Heating" error. Case number S2208000027, attached. And if your service department doesn't take...
  4. Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, Service Charging System, Cabin Cooling or Heating

    Been in communication with Jeep Cares for a while now. One small problem. The authorized rental has to be an FCA vehicle. There’s an eight person waitlist for those with the partner rental agency. So, I’m stuck going in for a diagnostic, and waiting on the rental later.
  5. Show me your favorite 4xe mods...

    Easy. Fellow Jeep buddy at work left this in my inbox. I might have ranted to him once or twice.
  6. BRONCO Raptor. Just saw one

    Those fender flares completely change the side profile. Now where have I seen that before? Holy shit, it’s a mini-H3. At over double the MSRP.
  7. UPDATE SOLVED Electric Mode Unavailable Cabin Cooling or Heating

    Fingers crossed. My plan is to arrange for a rental, and leave a copy of u/Shasta_Steve scanned instructions on the seat. I’m trying to negotiate an no-cost exchange, and see if the 2023’s are any better. Five major issues in less than two years, with over 30 days in shop, is not good.
  8. UPDATE SOLVED Electric Mode Unavailable Cabin Cooling or Heating

    When it rains, it pours. I’m now dealing with this issue too. Number five on my list.
  9. Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, Service Charging System, Cabin Cooling or Heating

    New Issue. “Electric Mode Unavailable, Cabin Cooling or Heating” error immediately after an oil change. Appears to kick in within first half mile of all electric driving. Does not go away when A/C and heat set to OFF. Wunderbar. Quick update: Confirmed it happened multiple times now. Called...
  10. What are these lights on XG glow wrangler

    Thought my connection dropped or something. I was waiting for the rest of the photo to load.
  11. Thinking of a 4xe any regrets

    I’d suggest leasing one, and not buying it. Too many first generation growing pains. I’ve detailed most of my issues here: For me specifically, climate is also an issue. I...
  12. Exploring Trails with my Son. Video quality issues.

    Specific to YouTube, try to upload the video as “unlisted” or use the premier (timed release) feature and give it a day or two to figure itself out.
  13. Total gas (hybrid) miles driven?

    There is a remaining oil life screen available in the driver cluster. It’s one of the left/right options along with oil temperature, transmission temperature, and I think tire pressure. It’s a computer calculation based on oil performance and I assume engine hours. I absolutely agree on both...
  14. UPDATE SOLVED Electric Mode Unavailable Cabin Cooling or Heating

    Do you have a link to the trouble shooting procedure? Might be helpful to someone reading this in the future. Also could help trouble shoot other issues.
  15. 2023 Sahara doesn’t offer a limited slip

    That’s pretty big news if true. I’d call the dealership to double check. The LSD is marketed as the "Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle". As others mentioned, it’s been standard on Willys, and had been an option on basic Saharas.
  16. SiriusXM Music & Entertainment Plan: 3 Years, $99 total (returning customers) FYI for anyone waiting on a deal for SiriusXM. Works out to $2.75 a month. Note - this appears to be for “select customers” not clear what the criteria for that is. Offer Includes: 400+ channels, including 155+ in...
  17. First long trip with the 4xe

    Even better when you work with emergency services. I have this issue at the office - about four or five vehicles from the police/fire/911 center regularly park their non-ev’s at the designated EV charging points. This is despite signage clearly indicating half of those chargers for fleet...
  18. Matching Shift Lock and Diff Lock Trim? Might want to consider contacting these folks using the form at the bottom of the page.
  19. Can’t decide caliper paint or no? Help!

    Looks good to me. Matches the grey/red theme you have going on. But don’t listen to me. Your Jeep, your mods. Do whatever makes you happy.
  20. Jeep Electrifying Trailheads

    Interesting choice of words on the headline. The charging stations ARE the billboards. They were paid for by Jeep, literally have Jeep plastered in big letters. If you have an issue with that, go take it up with the whomever approved the permit. Garbage article.