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  1. Rubicon front springs

    Used front springs from Diesel Gladiator to combat sag from metal bumper and winch.
  2. JT suspension on a JL

    I'm glad you actually understood what I was trying to say :) I used gear puller to push a bushing from one shock to another, light lubrication also helped.
  3. JT suspension on a JL

    Its hard to explain. I used a donor shock as a guide for a busing. Pushed the bushing from donor shock enough so the lip is inside the shock opening. Connected two shocks so the openings align. and pushed the bushing from one shock to another.
  4. Lift Kit vs Spacer Kit (Ride Quality, steering, etc)

    Just to add my 2cents. I have rear springs from JLU Rubicon, fronts from Diesel Rubicon, fox shocks from JT rubicon, Longer control arms from mopar lift, AEV 2" spacer lift and 315 KO2 tires. I have a great plush ride, it drives straight at any speed and its amazing off road. I did a lot of Moab...
  5. JT suspension on a JL

    Correct. With rear rubicon JT shocks you need to change the upper bushing for the one from JL. Not sure if Mojave shocks install is more involved.
  6. JT suspension on a JL

    Corrected my post, I meant to say that I have Fox shocks from JT Rubicon. I like them a lot, but some people find valving too soft. For me they are perfect in 99% of my driving and off road.
  7. JT suspension on a JL

    As mentioned above, front springs and shocks work. Rear springs don't and rear shocks should work with minor modifications. I have fox shocks from JT Rubicon on my JLU Edit: Typed JL Rubicon instead of JT
  8. Axle Swap on JLU Sport

    I used this part # for the rear : 77072406 Front is 77072405
  9. Axle Swap on JLU Sport

    That's crazy good price for the rear! too bad I already have mine :)
  10. Shock upgrade

    I was always wandering. Are Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks adjustable?
  11. Shifting points seem to be off after lift/tires and JSCAN recalibration.

    I used 34 inches for 315 KO2's on my Sport. Speedo is close enough and it shifts good.
  12. Front Axle, build it or buy it?

    Im getting coupons from my dealer for 20% off mopar parts may be twice a year. Bought my rear axle this way, bought mojave front for 1k.
  13. Front Axle, build it or buy it?

    Literally first google link. You can find them for less than 2500 delivered to your door :)
  14. Front Axle, build it or buy it?

    You can buy new axle for less than 2500 :) But I'm going to slowly build my front in similar situation. Not planning to run anything more than 37s.
  15. Arizona Rugged Ridge Tube Doors

    Ill be driving through the area Friday Sept 9 and Monday 12 around mid day. If they are still for sale Ill buy them.
  16. Proxy Alignment(code B223B)

    I would like to know too. Did you try to contact JScan support?
  17. Replace black cloth seats with tan cloth seat covers?

    Check ebay. I bought a full set of tan leather rubicon seats delivered for about 900, and sold my front cloth sport seats for ~450. So for about 450 I upgraded to a heated leather seats. And its MUCH easier to unbolt old seats and bolt in new ones compared to changing seat covers.
  18. Lifting a Jeep in steps? Is it possible?

    Sorry, I meant ride wise or off-road capability. Was there a notable difference? Like I said above I have AEV 2” spacer lift and its great of and on road. I can add longer shocks and I will have more than enough articulation with 315 tires.
  19. Lifting a Jeep in steps? Is it possible?

    Just out of curiosity. What did you get with real lift that you did not have with spacers?
  20. Re-gear?

    I did the same with my 2L but with slightly heavier wheels. I would agree with about 1mpg lost, but my shifting did not change. I see 8 all the time and it only downshifts on noticeable uphill. Did you reprogram your tire size?