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  1. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    I’m hoping we can get this color thread started. Here’s a screen shot posted in a Tuscadero group on Facebook. Here’s the link: I’m having trouble posting the link for some reason. So I added a pic from the source on Facebook. They claim that is in the paint booth at Jeep.
  2. I wonder how they got this picture
  3. Question for those with a soft top

    I have only ever had a hard top. Today I went to a dealership and looked at a 2 door soft top. I wanted to check how much storage it had. I opened the tailgate and went to lift the rear window, but couldn’t. It seemed really inconvenient. Is there a way around this? Does everyone duck under to...
  4. metallic maroon shade called Snazzberry

    Hi everyone. I’m on this board just about daily. It caught me by surprise when Jeep unveiled the High Altitude edition jeeps, especially with the new Snazzberry color. Did we know about this color coming previous to this announcement? Is there a thread with official upcoming colors? Just...
  5. Is there a ‘Best’ adjustable track bar?

    Hi. I have the Mopar lift installed, and would now like to get the front and rear axles centered. Is one brand of track bars better than another? Is there one I should stay away from? My concerns would be rust, quality joints, clearance, strength, and the adjustment staying in place. Is there...
  6. New 2018 Nacho available
  7. Widebody Charger!

    Anybody see the new Charger Hellcat Widebody unveiled today? It looks like it could be Bikini blue with a different name. It might not be, but it’s definitely not B5 blue.
  8. Anyone heard of this?

    I haven’t been to a dealer to ask about this, but I was under the impression that lift kits were not covered under the extended warranties.
  9. Tail light condensation

    I have the LED lighting. No BLIS. After washing the Jeep today, I noticed condensation inside the passenger side tail light. Anyone else have this happen?
  10. Good place to buy TPMS?

    I was wondering where everyone with aftermarket wheels is getting their TPMS? Any great deals out there that you can share? Thanks.
  11. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I saw threads for all the colors, and thought I’d be first to start this one for Bikini Jeep owners! Post pics and stories about yours everyone!
  12. Where are the mirrors?

    Maybe I missed it. There’s fenders, bumpers, lifts, wheels, snorkels, axles, half doors, more fenders, bumpers etc The only doors off mirrors I saw were Rugged Ridge in their wall. Did all these SEMA builds really not produce any new options?
  13. Luck Unlock interior buttons

    Tonight I noticed the interior Lock/Unlock buttons on my driver door were not lit. They are lit on the passenger door. The power mirror buttons still move the mirror, so I know the harness is plugged in. Anyone else notice their driver door lock/unlock buttons not lit at night? I guess I’ll...
  14. Went on an obstacle course today...

    and scratched, scraped and lightly dented some parts under the Rubicon. Since I live in the Northeast and they like to salt to melt snow, I was wondering what you guys use to paint the exposed metal. I’m looking for specific suggestions if possible. Thanks.
  15. Paint protection for door removal

    When I took my front doors off, I noticed the door positioner seems like it could scratch the paint very easily with the slightest error. Since I bought a roll of 3m scotch guard film last week for the door sills, I figured I’d try protecting this area too. I cut a strip to cover the area that’s...
  16. JTops or Spiderweb shade?

    I have a 4 door hardtop. I do not have a soft top, so that will not interfere with anything. I’d like to get a sunshade and would like to hear from owners of only the 2 shades mentioned in the title what you think of them, pros and cons. Thanks in advance for the help.
  17. Custom Decal Question

    I would like to replace the Rubicon decal on the hood with a decal that is gloss black on the outside and flat black inside. Basically stock but gloss black in place of the gloss red. It seems most of the vinyl decals online are a vinyl on top of vinyl. I like how the factory decal is one...
  18. They misspelled my name on Window Sticker

    I picked up my Mojito JLUR today. I ordered it June 3, and it came in July5! I love it! The only small disappointment is that my name is misspelled on the Window sticker. I chatted with Jeep today and they said only the selling dealer can request another window sticker, but she wasn’t sure if...
  19. Anyone with red dash pieces want to trade...

    for the grey dash pieces that come in Rubicon’s painted Mojito or Punk’n? My Mojito will be here by July 4th. I want the red dash pieces, but Jeep only puts grey in. I figure we could meet up, take our dashes apart and swap if anyone is interested. Let me know.