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  1. Tire Jack, Storage Compartment Drain

    Is this drain supposed to be sealed with a rubber plug, just like the rest of the drains on the vehicle are, or is it supposed to be constantly open, with a plastic, see-thru, type of plug, that allows water to drain no matter what? Mine has the latter, just wanted to be sure nothing is missing?
  2. WOT, Redline Passing Power (Downshift Observations) at 65-70mph, From 8th Gear, With 4.10 VS 4.56 VS 4.88 VS 5.13 Gear Ratios

    My ride is a 2019 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, on KO2 37's, with a Metalcloak 2.5 lift, and a few other goodies like full metal skid plate(over 100 pounds) etc. It is my daily driver, so I do drive on more dangerous, 2-way roads, where traffic speeds are about 65mph, and passing power is...