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  1. New York Sold: Bestop Safari Top and Duster Cover for JKU

    Safari Top(with header) and Duster Cover for a 2007 JKU, only used a couple of summer seasons. $100 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
  2. New York 2007 JKU Soft Top

    Softop from my old 2007 JKU. One bar broken in the middle of the top(3rd picture) that does not affect the operation of the top. Windows(not pictured) will come in a free Clover Patch Window Roll. Top was only used in the summer and stored in the winter as I had the dual top option. I think I...
  3. New York Die Tech Mirror Brackets for JK or JKU.

    Best brackets on the market period. Puts mirrors back in stock location where you can actually see the passenger side mirror. Included with these brackets are a set of Quadratec Mirrors. $100, local pickup preferred. Long Island, NY.
  4. WARNING - If you live on Long Island

    Needed to get my Jeep fixed as it left my stranded because of the Autostop/Start feature. Had it towed to my local dealership(even though I didn't buy it there). Service Dept. called and told me they're backed up about 3-4 weeks. We called Corporate and they called a bunch of dealers in the...
  5. JL and the wind...

    Anybody notice that the JL's seem to be affected more by the wind? I definitely feel mine blows around a lot more that my old JKU used to. Is the JL a lot lighter than the JK's used to be?