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  1. Best all terrain tires for on road handling?

    As others have said - if you are want to improve steering, get your caster angle to 6. Adjustable upper or lower control arms are the way to go. Or try the longer / fixed Mopar LCAs.
  2. Best QUALITY, handling lift kit 2.5” -3” for new Rubicon?

    Consider Clayton - it checks all the boxes. I have the 2.0 Rubicon and paired my 2.5 Clayton lift (their Ride Right kit) with Fox shocks and very pleased with the ride and performance. Even their basic kits address key geometry (f/r track bars and adjustable upper arms - my caster is close to...
  3. 6cyl manual JL driver gets a 4cyl turbo auto loaner......

    Another 3.6 vs 2.0 thread drop. Well done.
  4. Has anyone posted this underhood Easter egg before?

    Wow. First I’ve seen / heard of this. Well done sir.
  5. Wish I can get a brand new 392(issues)

    OP - regarding the “pull” to the right… is this your first Jeep or solid front axle vehicle? Also, is this an XR? Just curious. I’m not too familiar with the XR but I doubt Jeep did anything special to address the caster with all of these factory “lifts.” Even the longer lower control arms...
  6. Show Me Your Voswitch Setup

    Great - thanks for the detailed reply. David
  7. Show Me Your Voswitch Setup

    Any idea if the 67 Designs ball mount will also work with this switch panel? Thanks.
  8. Those of you with the Mopar Steel bumper

    To my knowledge, the only mention of bumpers in VA code relates to the “altitude” of the bumper, or how low/high it is from the ground. Never heard of bumper width being an issue. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve not had any issues with passing inspection either.
  9. Those of you with the Mopar Steel bumper

    Stub Life is the correct answer
  10. TeraFlex - New JL / JLU Products!

    Nice. Are you still planning to release a JL rear bumper?
  11. What sunglasses you wearing?

    Agree with the Randolph Engineering aviator recommendations. Quality product, made in USA, and available in different sizes, finishes, lenses, etc. Worth the coin in my opinion. They offer a generous military / veteran discount too. I also really like Maui Jims.
  12. Back up warning sensors going off.

    How would the valve stem orientation affect the sensors in the bumper? I’ve recently had mine start going nuts too (35s on factory carrier). Will give repositioning a try - just curious. Mine are recessed into the wheel a good bit.
  13. Dealers getting caught and fined. Anyone hear of this before?

    Agree that there are many shady dealerships out there, and these practices should be called out. But just to add some context to the click bait video banner…many on this forum - including myself - bought their Jeeps from Craig at Koons (well under invoice). They were one of the first to offer...
  14. Help on “OEM” front Bumper

    Check here - has part #s listed for bracket:
  15. Help on “OEM” front Bumper

    It varies depending on what’s included in the deal (e.g. steel skid plate, fogs, plastic close out panel, brackets, etc.) I would also ask if the wiring harness is included as some remove it to use in their aftermarket bumpers. I paid $650 for mine (no fogs or skid plate). I had aftermarket...
  16. Help on “OEM” front Bumper

    Agree with previous posts - wait for a take-off Rubicon steel bumper. I ran the plastic front bumper for a while and finally scored a good deal on eBay. I looked at a lot of aftermarket offerings but just think the OEM bumper looks best and it’s winch-capable too. As mentioned you have to add...
  17. Jeep Inline 6 Engine to Debut in April

    First look at the new GME-T6: