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  1. New Jersey (5) Factory Rubicon Wheels, BGF Tires, and Sensors ($750)

    I rather hold onto them at that price.
  2. New Jersey 4 Door Jeep Rock Rails ($100)

    easy to installed, yes. I believe it will fit the sport, but I am not certain.
  3. New Jersey 4 Door Jeep Rock Rails ($100)

    I have a set of Jeep Rock Rails off my Rubicon with the Mounting Hardware. Located in Bergen County. Local Pickup.
  4. New Jersey Rubicon Take Off Suspension

    6 Cycle 2020 Rubicon Take Off Suspension. $40 Located in Bergen County. Local Pickup Only
  5. New Jersey Sold: (5) Factory Rubicon Wheels, BGF Tires, and Sensors ($750)

    All, I have a set of 5 Rubicon Wheels, Factory BFG AT Tires (33”), and Factory Pressure Sensors. 4 Tires have ~15k on them (rotated every 5k) Spare Tire is new 4 Rims have small Rock Rash (See Pictures) Located in Bergen County NJ. Local Pickup Only. Can Send more Pictures if needed.
  6. Raise Spare?

    There are brackets you can buy. Rough country.
  7. New Jersey Roll Call

    We love Sea Girt beach. It doesn't have the rides and boardwalk of point pleasant, but it is very clean, has nice bathrooms, and you can park for free beach front if you get there early enough. We like to go before 9 and stay to 3.
  8. New Jersey Roll Call

    Been following Everyone’s posts. Last weekend my son and I put an AEV dual sport lift on. Tires and wheels installed yesterday. If I am hijacking this thread let me know and I will move
  9. North Jersey shop recommendations

    If you are willing to go to Teaneck shoot me a PM.
  10. Nevada Clayton 2.5” JLU Overland Kit

    only if you were closer
  11. Just seeing if anyone is near me. Northern NJ ?

    There are some groups that run the trials quite often, however, at the entrance from Skyline Drive there are several signs stating it is illegal. The entrance is a bit of a pain to quickly navigate thru. You won't get harassed and there are many trails.
  12. Ski rack options in 2022…

    I have been using a hitch rack that works well. Only issue is keeping the bindings covered.
  13. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Do you mind sharing which Shop did you use?
  14. ADK Camping

    There are a number of off grid campsites on Floodwood Road in Saranac Inn. ~2 hours from Lake George. The sites are close to the road although a few are set back on the ponds. the road is several miles long with a few splits. At the end there is a gate with a parking lot. with a trail up...
  15. Just seeing if anyone is near me. Northern NJ ?

    Hi Chris, I am in your backyard in Haworth. There are no legal trails in Bergen county. I have been heading out to Rausch and AOAA multiple times a year. A bit of a trek, but worthwhile. Keith
  16. New York Mopar Lift and EVO BOOST 2.5

    Any pictures of the mopar lift?
  17. 3 Newbs and a Moab Trip

    In Moab right now. Although my Jeep is still in NJ. we rented a JLUR rubicon. Arrived yesterday and the town was crowded. Today it is empty. We did arches including the tower arch trail, whale eye and out willow springs. we are here to visit the parks. We will do fins and things and a few...
  18. JL rear lower shock mount skids

    I installed the rockhard this weekend. Rear was easy. The front factory bolts were a pain to get off. Broke a impact sock and had to borrow a Milwaukee impact gun. FAD should be near this week.