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  1. Gobi/sand color

    The below image was posted on Twitter this morning.... exactly the color I wanted. Guessing this is a custom job, but does anyone know if this is a hint at what is to come?
  2. Subwoofer quality

    I have the audio upgrade with the subwoofer. I am not particularly impressed. At first, I thought the subwoofer was blown, but now I am not so sure. At certain frequencies, it sounds very good, but at others, there is a significant amount of popping and distortion, even at low volumes. Has...
  3. Gas mileage - very impressed

    Just made a trip from Jackson, MS to Atlanta, GA. Squeezed this out of my JLU Sahara: Hit some of the nastiest weather I have ever seen in Birmingham, which led to some traffic. Would have been well north of 26 if not for that.
  4. Joyride

    Just wanted to post - man I love this jeep. While everyone else in Atlanta is complaining about 95 degrees in May, I couldnt be happier. This thing is just so much fun to drive... especially on a hot sunny day. Doors off, top down. I did have to order some mirrors for when the doors are off...
  5. Blown subwoofer?

    Not sure if I caused this or if it is a defect, but my stock Alpine sub seems to be blown. I tend to limit volume to 20-22 with Sirius, with the equalizer bass up 4 notches from neutral. Has this happened to anyone else? I imagine it is pretty easy to replace with an aftermarket sub, but would...
  6. Sahara gas mileage

    Just completed a trip from Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA in my JLU Sahara. 3.6 M/T Premium soft top Averaged 24 mpg on the nose at a 65 mph average. Better than I was expecting, considering that it was loaded to the gills with gear, my wife, carseat, and 2 year old. Just me and a suitcase...
  7. Stalled M/T, would not restart

    Had an odd thing happen - I stalled the car out inching into my garage. Clutch in, brake engaged, the button would not restart the car. Did everything I could think of to try to restart it. Pressed and released clutch multiple times, cycled through off/acc/start multiple times, nothing. Only...
  8. Miles on JL, before I took possession

    I found it odd that my JL had 40 miles on it when they pulled it off of the truck (which I witnessed). I am sure that nobody from the dealership went joyriding in it, but I found it odd nonetheless. Anyone else see anything like this?
  9. Soft top window storage

    I have already had multiple opportunities to remove windows and put the soft top down, but I have not come up with a great way to store the windows. They do not fit easily in the car without bending and creasing. Has anyone come up with some good ways to hang/store them? Right now I am just...
  10. 35" tires w/ no lift

    Apologies on this if posted before, but no luck in the search. I see a lot of posts about 37" tires rubbing when not accompanied by a lift, but what about 35s? Can a stock JLU sahara fit 35s without rubbing or compromising offroad capability?
  11. First JL problem - door limiting bolt

    I have run into my first problem with the JL - have not been able to find a solution to this with search. The door stopper bolt that you need to take out when removing the doors was easily removed. However, when I try to reinstall the door, the arm that attached to the bolt seems to have gone...