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  1. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Lift and tires installed today. 2023 JLURD.
  2. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    2023 JLURD 3.5" Overland + and falcon shocks, 37" tires
  3. Placing order - is price locked in?

    That is incorrect. The when the order is placed for a sold vehicle the dealer is price protected for the pricing and incentives at the time of the order. If the original customer that ordered the vehicle backs out for any reason then The vehicle pricing is changed to the current window sticker...
  4. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Msrp and invoice, HB is the dealer hold back, FFP is friends and family pricing, EP is employee pricing.
  5. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Maybe they are having a BOGO sale?
  6. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Yep same as mine. Amazing how they can arrive with never being shipped. Congratulations in your new jeep.
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Correct, sold orders are price protected. If for some reason you decide not to purchase the vehicle then the price changes to the most recent increase.
  8. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Just crazy. They just built a bunch of diesel jeeps this last month, of the 65 listed on crypto only 3 have not been built. The only difference between ours is the hood decal and off road camera. Hopefully your gets built very soon.
  9. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Probably won't do anything, but it certainly won't hurt to try it and you won't be any worse than you are now.
  10. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    When mine did that it showed up at the dealer 7 days later. Never did show shipped until after it arrived.
  11. Last Day to Order a Diesel?

    I can see not waiting to hold it until next March, there is a capital cost tied up with the jeep sitting there for 5 months. Unfortunately it sounds like you are not able to pay for it and leave it there until you can pick it up with need to trade in your gladiator. No one you know that can...
  12. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    I got that code after sitting for 50+ days with zero movement, 11 days later it went into production. Hopefully the same thing happens for others waiting.
  13. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    Maybe they realized the tracker is pretty much worthless after it is built. Mine showed built on the tracker for 2 weeks with zero movement or changes until it showed up at the dealer yesterday, now today I get a email from Jeep saying it shipped 🤣.
  14. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    And just like that it showed up at the dealer today. Amazing since according to jeep it was waiting to ship and all dealer screens showed it still in Toledo.
  15. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Yes built and invoiced on 10/21. They got put in KZLD status, been there since.
  16. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Yeah I had hope myself, my original estimated arrival was 11/26, then last week it changed to 11/14, but for that date to happen it will need to ship today (train takes about a week to get here). Dealer shows 11/02-11/14 in their system.
  17. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Mine took 52 days to go from D to D1.
  18. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Hahah, was in D1 for 57 days (estimated shipping date changed 5 times during this), Jeep has been built and now I am in a shipping delay for 14+ days.
  19. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Great color, I wanted that or Mojito for my new Jeep, unfortunately neither was available in June.
  20. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Fairly common to end up in KZLD. Mine went there on 10/21. Guessing they are waiting to fill up a rail car(s) heading my way. Arrival is current showing 11/14 but for that to happen it will need to get moving very soon. Ordered 06/30 Scheduled 08/23 Built 10/17 estimated delivery date 11/26 KZ...