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  1. Possible to get 2 tax credits in a year?

    Curious if anyone knows if you’re able to get 2 tax credits in a year? Bought a 4xe for my wife and considering buying another next week. Does anyone know if there is a limit ?
  2. 2021 JLUR XR Edition

    Looks awesome!
  3. Picked up my Rubicon Xtreme Recon - pics and first review / impressions

    Nice! Curious how the fuel economy is now? Big difference in drive vs stock jlu?
  4. Lowest interest rates and where?

    hi all I remember reading a thread a while back that showed best bank/ cu to finance with and can’t seem to find now.. will you all please share where you financed at and what rate? Having a tough time finding anything under 2.9% ... thanks!!
  5. Quick rebate note

    Apparently this offer doesn’t work on jl according to my dealer
  6. Quick rebate note

    Can this be used in conjunction with tread lightly program?
  7. Best deals found on a new JL?

    Pretty easy tbh.. mentioned I saw another person on forum get the same deal and they did it. Good luck
  8. Best deals found on a new JL?

    Autonation Jeep in golden(Denver) took great care of me! If your in Colorado area don’t waste time and contact them. Contacted every other dealer in area from ft Collins to Colorado Springs dealers and none of them could compete.. Was fortunate to get 10.5% off msrp on build!