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  1. Overland build

    I would really appreciate pictures! I also have the maximus-3 roof rack and was planning on also using the B pillar and drilling the roof to use a through hull connector. I was thinking of using the open channels under the roof rack to route the wiring then drill into the side panels of the...
  2. Overland build

    Amazing setup, beautiful work! Just wondering how did you route your wires to the roof? I'm planning on mounting a light bar and a few camp lights to my Rhino rack and planning the install now.
  3. Third partyAUX switch panels

    I went with the Switch-Pro 9100. Nice location for the controller on the A-Pillar , easy to access. Minimum space taken in the engine bay. A small company that picks up the phone when you call. Even received help from the owner because I was installing on the firewall and needed some custom...
  4. Best cargo liner for JLUR

    I have no issue with the top off using Canvasback. With the doors off I don't know but I doubt it would be a problem.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Check out Raingler nets.
  6. Looking for an offroad GPS device, what is the general recommended?

    Always good to carry a few things for Nav. I use Gaia on an Ipad and phone, paper topo maps with a compass and a Garmin Inreach. One is none...
  7. General Winch Advice

    Smittybilty X20 12K with Warn Interrupt kit. Check out this thread:
  8. {CLOSED} GIVEAWAY: 1-Minute Entry to Win Gift Card $$$

    Signup: James A. Jeep Name: Sibyl (Prophetess)
  9. Jumper cables: Need to buy some new ones. Recommendations?

    I went with the quick connect approach using: Warn quick connect booster cables and an Anderson Power pole connector permanently connected to my battery...
  10. Baja Designs ONx6+ is a work of art (minus getting it issues)

    This is the only thread I've found mentioning BD's upfitter harness and it sounds like people on this thread have experience using it so I'm hoping someone can help me. I would wait and call BD but I would like to take advantage of the Labor day sales. Can anyone expand on the description of...
  11. NEW Baja Designs Jeep JL/JT Lighting Solutions!

    @Baja Designs Can you expand on the description of the Upfitter Harness (640094). There is very little information on your website. Particularly what is the length of this harness? Is it long enough for a roof rack install? The pictures on your website make it look like a short harness and...
  12. URGENT help needed. Can't start my 2018 JL

    At this point I would have to defer to people with more experience. When I had my issue my batteries combined were down to 4V... If I remember correctly at one point my batteries combined were close to 12v and I was still able to start. However I never tested the batteries voltages separately...
  13. URGENT help needed. Can't start my 2018 JL

    When the vehicle is off the batteries are in parallel and can be charged with a charger or with another car running and jumper cables connected. I did not need to disconnect the two batteries to jump or charge with my maintainer, after the volts were high enough. If the voltage is too low on the...
  14. URGENT help needed. Can't start my 2018 JL

    Before you start pulling things apart check the voltage of them combined. Just test off the main battery. If it's low use jumper cables then top it off when the voltage is high enough. That should do unless your battery is bad. Which you'll know if the problem persists. If the problem is still...
  15. URGENT help needed. Can't start my 2018 JL

    Electronic systems going crazy have been seen when batteries are low. when I first tried starting mine my windshield wipers tried turning on and my dash was going crazy... If you have a tester do a quick check of the voltage.
  16. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    Just throwing this out there but Aluminum does suffer from thermal expansion which would seem to be in-line with increasing issues at higher temperatures.
  17. URGENT help needed. Can't start my 2018 JL

    I had a similar issue. If the voltage is too low and you tried an older AGM charger/maintainer it may not recognize the battery and start charging. That's what happened to mine. I hooked it up to jumper cables and let it sit for 15-20min on another truck and it started up just fine. After...
  18. Racor Hoist System

    You leave them on. Here is a link for the instructions: