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  1. Cheapest place to buy 37" KO2's

    Looking to buy 37x12.5R17 KO2's, what the best price you guys have found?
  2. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    2021 rubicon build on jeep website shows 4:10 gears. also for 2021's the diesel option should be $4500 not $4000. also spoke with my dealer and he said that there is no cold air intake available on their build system for the diesel
  3. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    Is this actually a build option or an error on the build page? According to my 2021 build sheet I have the 3.73 gears in my diesel rubicon build but on the build website it says 4.10 gears. So trying to see if anyone was actually able to order the cai? I also didn’t realize the front trail...
  4. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    it doesn't say.
  5. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    So I have a 2021 JLUR Diesel on order. my window sticker just posted today. anyhow I went to the jeep builder and noticed that on the 2020 builder a diesel rubicon will have the 3.73 gears. I was under the impression the 2021 diesels would also be 3.73. but on the builder it lists the diesel...