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  1. Mopar steel front and rear bumper

    They are in high demand I must say. Do you have the safety and/or advanced safety group installed in your Jeep? front steel bumper (Mopar...
  2. Opinion needed - Undercoating?

    Body Mechanic in the Hamptons wanted to charge $2k for Waxoyl Coating and guaranteed his work for ten years in writing. I was thinking about biting the bullet and doing it. But then realized any such coating can make working on the Jeep's underbody difficult down the road. He was pretty honest...
  3. Rant: Which DemocRAT do you think ruined America?

    Or give them to the Taliban as part of a peace offering between them and the Afghan government.
  4. Rear breaks need replaced for the second time at 2500 miles

    Try airing down even further to 15 PSI. See if that helps. For sand, FCA recommends 15 to 18 PSI. Your tire wont come off the Bead till below 10 PSI so don’t worry about that.
  5. Rear breaks need replaced for the second time at 2500 miles

    Some questions: 1. How Fast do you go on the Sand? 2. What mode is the transfer case when you are on the sand? 3. What is your PSI per tire when wheeling on the sand? 4. Any mods to the Jeep? Brakes seem to be OEM but what about others?
  6. TSB 08-074-20 for Steering: confessions of a Millenial Driver

    I know, right! Part of me does not want to get this TSB because the current setup makes my Jeep feel like a Jeep :CWL: :CWL:
  7. Can someone tell how to remove this red mark off my hood? Also check out some imperfections on my paint on the Jeep’s hood.

    Check out the pics. No idea how I got that red line above the “Rubicon” decal. Can anyone tell how I could have gotten that and how to remove it? Its not a scratch as I ran my nail thru it. Check out the second pic. Do I need to touch up on the paint in that area with the grey lines? I circled...
  8. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    I can live on the edges of the valley no problem and may even like it as I am originally from Rural North India and still have family living in the sticks back in India. Kind of want to go have the same country life style here in the US but with a similar climate as North India. I was basically...
  9. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    Sean: I noticed you live in AZ. What do you think is a good town in AZ that fits my needs below. So far only Chandler comes to my mind: 1. Very long/hot summers with brief winters when the night time record low is in the 30s. low to mid 60s as highs in the winter. Average Winter lows are in the...
  10. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    just for the record, are done ripping on that kid who has been trying to get a JL for the last three years but keeps on criticizing the JL? he said he was going to buy in 2021. Wonder where he went as we haven't heard from him for a while? Maybe gone to kick a dog or something to take his...
  11. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    I can deal with the heat, man. I was raised in it. North India gets equally as hot. You get used to it. But what is weird is that when you live in this heat, anything below 65F is very cold for you. I have been there myself. Spent Summer 2019 in India and had to come here in September. I was...
  12. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    You will be surprised how many Black and Browns actually are fed up with the current situation in this country. But the media won't focus on them as it goes completely opposite to their agenda.
  13. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    I'd love to live on the same street as Sheriff Joe Arpaio (google him, lol).
  14. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    For me the biggest disgrace in these states is the media. They are focusing on "minority problems" and blaming everything on the "majority". They tend to ignore minorities like me who can see thru the fake news. When will the "minority victims" realize they are just being used for votes and...
  15. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    Move to Arizona, man! I am also getting fed up with NY and NJ. They are going to be the next California at this rate. AZ is where I want to move to after taking care of a few family commitments within the next two or three years. It can be pain for me to get back to India from Phoenix for...
  16. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    He is probably planted in this forum by Ford to be a troll. I saw his other pasts as a troll. How people like him don't get banned by admins is beyond me.
  17. Expected Vendor Lead Times *RANT*

    Wait: He do not have a JL????
  18. 2.0 without eTorque drivers: how is your experience with the Jeep's A/C?

    I am not too worried about the button. It is probably a cheap replacement. It is now second nature for me to push that button every time I get in the Jeep.
  19. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    The Meyer looks good like you said. It seems like it comes with a hitch: Couple of questions: 1. Do you have AUX switches installed in...
  20. I think I purchased too much Jeep?

    wtf dude! it looks like one of those things they pulled Saddam Hussein out of.