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  1. Took The MOAB for a long drive on MT2s

    Just a quick post. I had a chance to take my wife's MOAB for a long drive to pick up my daughter at college the other night. It drove well on the MT2s. It tracked well, was only a bit louder then my 2018 Rubicon with KO2s (that has 8K miles) and once again confirmed that I love driving Jeeps! :)...
  2. Photos from The 2018 Jeep Invasion in Wildwood
  3. 2018 NJ Jeep Invasion - Wildwood

    My wife got me registered for the 2018 NJ Jeep Invasion down in Wildwood, NJ for Father's Day Weekend! I am so excited! Looking forward to meeting a bunch of other Jeepers. Looks like over 2100 Jeeps will be there on the beach.
  4. Jeep Launching Subscription Service in 2019
  5. At little envious here: Raptor getting Fox Racing Internal Bypass Shocks
  6. Jeep Luau 2018 - Seaside, NJ

    A few photos from Jeep Luau 2018 in Seaside Heights, NJ. The beach was filled with Jeeps and it was awesome!
  7. Auto-play video ads?

    Is this something new? view-source:
  8. KO2 - LT35X12.5R15 vs LT315/70R17

    Are these pretty close to being the same tire? Both are load range C. Are the 35x12.5 a little wider? Thanks Bobby
  9. New Car Replacement - Insurance Co. Comparison

    I just found this after seeing a few of our members suffering a total loss with their new Jls. Was an eye opener for me since my company doesn't offer New Car Replacement. Time to start shopping around for new coverage.
  10. Took the afternoon off: Drove my Jeep everywhere!

    I took most of the day off today and just drove my new Jeep around. I had such a good time! Up by the ocean, in the woods and on the trails, what an awesome day! Even spent about an hour chatting it up with the local Jeep parts manager. I got a great price on the 2 inch lift kit and Mopar...
  11. Interesting cell phone - Sonim XP8

    Just saw this: I had an S5 Active a few years back and loved it. Looked at the latest generation but the screen is said to be soft. Might be worth a look for folks who...