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  1. Air lift not air ride

    Selling my TJ on 35's and ordering a Sahara. Will rarely be off road but.... Does anyone make air ride height shocks or similar that could give me a couple of inches of lift for the times I might want do venture out? I will have Rubi wheels and tires and when combined with 2" of on demand...
  2. 23 Flag decal

    I have searched this forum, the Jeep build tool, Google images etc. and no luck. I read somewhere on this forum that the 23 JL comes with a flag decal on the fenders. I can't find an image that shows this. Is it true?
  3. Non overland travel trailer

    Looking into a small travel trailer. 3500 lbs GVWR or less. Not for off road. Lets say the Airstream Bambi 16' is the gold standard as far as quality. Should be for that price! Downside to this floor plan is the bed is only 48" wide. What do you have that you really like?
  4. Factory tow harness

    The 2023 online build tool shows an RV Tow Harness as an option. No info or photos. I wonder if it comes with a 6 pole bumper mounted connector and if it works with LED lights. I'm referring to the feedback problem that Cooltech has a solution for so your battery does not go dead. I thought...
  5. tow connecter and breakaway location

    Someone here posted a photo of their dingy connections behind their front plate. I thought I saved the photo but can not find it. Please steer me toward that post. Thanks.
  6. SAE vs Metric

    Is everything on the JL metric?
  7. Rockjock base plate

    Anyone using this base plate on a plastic bumper with a Rockhard winch plate?
  8. Why get a 4XE?

    No haters please. What are the upsides? The two downsides for me are that the rear seats don't fold as flat as I would like for my dog crate and it will only go 25 miles or less on a charge.
  9. Cool tech harness instructions

    Anyone out there have a recent harness (non LED)? Please post the installation instructions. I couldn't find them online. Thanks
  10. Cool tech harness instructions

    Anyone out there have a recent harness (non LED)? Please post the installation instructions. I couldn't find them online. Thanks
  11. Can I run just one sway bar disconnect?

    Would running just one quick disconnect cause any problems? Assume stock suspension. I can't see where the disconnected end would travel far enough to contact anything.
  12. Body color fender delete

    I am a fan of black fenders. Is it possible to order a Sarah with black fenders?
  13. vibration 64 to 68 mph

    2019 stock Rubicon. Noticed this on the way home from picking it up new from the dealer. Even called them on the way home to document. Consistent and repeatable. Don't really feel it through the steering wheel. Dealer has rotated the tires and replaced the rear drive shaft. Problem...
  14. 2022 Hardtop Production Halted?

    I was at a dealer yesterday to test drive a 4 banger JL. The sales person told me there won't be any hard top wranglers anytime soon. Said the plastic for the hard top is not available. Hope that is not true and he was baiting me to buy the 2018 I test drove. BTW, loved the power and smooth...
  15. Nav on 7 inch screen?

    Is the 8.4 inch screen the only way to get Nav? $2,000 seems a bit steep to get this feature.
  16. Wheels with Hydro blue accents

    Parked next to a Hydro Blue Jeep the other day in Lake Havasu. Didn't think to snap a picture or look for a logo on the wheels. Anyone running something like this, please post up a picture and model of the wheel.
  17. 18 x 7.5 vs 18 x 9 wheels

    Not finding many 7.5" aftermarket wheels. Any fitment issues going with a 9" wheel?
  18. Powertrain confusion

    I have been on the Jeep website using the build your own tool. When I get to the powertrain section and select the auto transmission, it forces me to to drop the 8.4 radio and the technology groups or go with the 4 banger turbo. I tried this on the Rubicon and the Sport Altitude. Dealer...