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  1. Xtreme RECON owners check your front track bar and Pitman arm/steering shaft nut.

    2022 Rubicon Xtreme Recon I have been sort of backing the longer factory bumpstops to protect the factory fenders from the bigger tires.. Turns out after a bit of wheeling this weekend I was feeling some contact on a couple whoops but it just felt too solid. I checked the bumpstop pads for...
  2. Trail Rail System. Who has them?

    When I ordered my 2022 I also opted for the trail rail system. Lots of tie down possibilities I’ve seen and I’m sure there are more.. I also just order the organizer bar, btw it’s already discontinued so if you want one act fast. Show me what you’ve done.
  3. Does the 22 Alpine HU have a hard drive

    Does the 2022 Rubicon 8.4” Nav have a hard drive or memory chip in the HU that can store my music or do I have to keep my music on a jump drive and plug it in when I want to use it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Titan - Granit Crystal XR Rubi

    Ordered Oct 14/2021 Rec’d March 15/2022 ordered specs 2022 JLU Rubicon XR Granit Crystal Metalic Dark saddle leather 3.6 e-Torque auto Dual Tops Xtreme Recon package Tow package LED lights pkg Cold Climate pkg Trail rail system.
  5. Driveline Lock, 4WD on winter roads

    So, I never hear anyone discuss or even mention “Driveline Lock up”. How many people even know it’s “a thing”. Have you ever heard someone say that 4wd helps you take off from a stop faster on slipper roads but doesn’t help you slow down. Well that is not necessarily true. Vehicles have built...