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  1. All Black All-Weather Mats for 4XE

    We recently added these to our catalog as we had a few requests for all Black rubber mats We also offer them all black for non-4XE models Thanks! - Benny
  2. 77072466AB Blem Sale - Mopar Beadlock 17" Wheels XR

    Hi Guys, We have 5 Mopar 77072466AB 17" Beadlock capable wheels we need to get rid of at cost. We will even cover the shipping to the lower 48. 306.00 Each, PM me your email address if interested, First person to place the order gets them. These wheels are the same design found on the XR Xtreme...
  3. Convex Mirror Glass Replacements

    Hi Guys, We get a lot of inquires for these between the JL & JT guys so we added them to our accessory section here These are Genuine Jeep mirrors used on Export models. The outer edge from the dotted line out is convex allowing for wider visibility and enhanced safety. We currently offer them...
  4. Replacement Hardware, Clips Etc... Reference Guide

    Creating this thread for commonly used and replaced hardware , fasteners and clips. Note all Hardware is sold individually. Door Trim Panel clips Tailgate Trim Panel clips...
  5. Wrangler 4XE Cowl Side Charge Port and Door

    Hi Guys, We have been getting alot of requests for these and I noticed today they are finally available to order.
  6. Flare Types & Part Numbers

    As a quick reference tool for myself and to help others I am creating this sticky to determine and identify all of the JL Fender Flare options. I will continue to update it over time. All parts are listed in this order L/F R/F L/R R/R Textured Rubicon High fender with halogen lamp housings...
  7. Passive Entry Kits

    Hi Guys, At your requests we have put together a passive entry kit here This kit includes the 2 front doors and tailgate. The same kit is used on BSM and non-BSM vehicles. Please note the Drivers harness is on backorder for at least 30 days...
  8. 2021 Steel Steering Gear Upgrade

    For those that are out of warranty or rather do the work yourself we have created kits which includes the 2021 Steel steering gear here. 4 Door - 2 Door - The original TSB is...
  9. Mopar Diesel Lift Kit - Coming Soon

    There were a few members inquiring about this and the good news is that it is happening. A Mopar lift kit for Diesel JL's is slated to be available 3rd quarter this year. The MSRP will be 1,495.00 Unfortunately this is all the info we have at this time.We expect it to be a 2" kit as it's...
  10. New Mopar Steel Bumper for JL / JLU Released

    Mopar unveiled a new style JL and JT front Steel Bumper, More details to follow on our site as we are currently adding it but here is what we have thus far. The new Mopar Off-road Front Bumper is wide enough to provide fender protection but is narrower than stock bumper. The heavy duty design...
  11. Mopar Jeep Performance Catalog

    Attached for reference Updated 2022 Version Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, -Benny
  12. Mopar Lift Kit Part # Breakdown

    This may come useful as owners are putting mileage on their kits and may need replacement parts. Thanks, Benny
  13. 77072406 Rubicon Rear Axle Clearance

    We have in stock and need to move a 77072406 Mopar Performance Rubicon Rear Axle, This is a OE Stock Rubicon spec rear axle assembly: 4.10 Ratio Comes with electric lockers Please PM me for special pricing on this Thanks, Benny
  14. Any AlfaOBD users?

    Hi Guys, Were looking to see if there are any AlfaOBD users here specifically 2019's Thanks! -Benny
  15. 2018 Durango SRT

    We dont typically post threads like this but our dealership has a leftover 2018 Durango SRT they are looking to move I can forward all inquiries directly to the GM...
  16. How Can We Help?

    Hi Guys! We are pleased to have the opportunity to support such a dedicated and enthusiastic forum. As an authorized Mopar Parts and Accessory retailer we are here to help answer any product questions you may have. We also welcome any part inquiries you may have no matter how big or small. I...